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Jun 2 2011, 4:41 am
By: iCCup.xboi209  

Jun 2 2011, 4:41 am iCCup.xboi209 Post #1

Retribution is an authorized Starcraft expansion pack btw for those who didn't know.
I gotta say that Retribution kinda sucks because it doesn't bring in any new units and the voices are horrible. I'm going to upload all the maps later for those who want to try it out. The maps aren't good either

Play using UMS settings!!!

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Jun 2 2011, 5:12 am Lanthanide Post #2

Yep, retribution sucks. Insurrection sucks, too (the 'other' expansion).

The worst bit is where they use the dropship as a terran hero, Black Morgan IIRC. Because there isn't actually a terran dropship hero, they just renamed the base unit. In one of the levels, you can actually build dropships, and so end up with multiple copies of your 'hero'. Fail.


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OK, I have 1 more question - are you using 32 bit SC:R or 64 bit ? In game settings there's an option to switch to 32, is it checked? I just tried hosting the map with 64-bit SC:R and it failed... I ticked the option to use 32 bit SC:R => it worked and map was hosted. So I guess the issue still exists for 64 bit SC:R ? I also tried calling a friend and he couldn't see the map when he entered the lobby. Weird, I might have to report this to Blizzard?
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