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Just a lil' "funny" match
Jan 12 2011, 7:13 am
By: payne  

Jan 12 2011, 7:13 am payne Post #1


Here is a 2v2 I had recently. The opponents ended up leaving.
Blue had a reason to leave, but I'm still wondering why red left. :><:

Anyways, here it is. I'd love to hear critics from you guys so I can improve myself. Anything, any little detail I'm doing wrong, list it (but yes, fail me at getting 0 income at some point in the middle of the game). >:O

No more income!.SC2Replay
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Jan 19 2011, 1:38 am Ahli Post #2

I do stuff and thingies... Try widening and reducing the number of small nooks and crannies to correct the problem.

-You have way to much minerals in your bank at start (5 min and still at 7 min).
-Try to get the warpgate technology directly after the cybercore finishes. Warpgates are excellent!
-Your 10 wapgate hotkeys are a fail. You should organize yourself 3 keys for army, 1 for nexus (chrono/probes) and warpgates/other buildings and observers...
-Expand!!! 15 minutes at 1 base ("fuick").... at that time you should think about getting a third up... (solves your gas problem, too) (omg you are mined out with 1 base, income 0... noooooo)
-Try to scout more often
-You will see the enemy army when it is directly in front of your base, not earlier... (see at 10 min)
-Multiple pylons at your buildings is fine but you should scatter the pylons in your base to have a bigger area to warp in (lowers the chance that you have to warp in into the enemy army). Also place some pylons at the edge of the cliff to see more and to be able to warp in some flanking units or fast counter attacks (hide some pylons in the middle of the map to reinforce your attacks/spot expansions).
(e.g. you could have cleared the high temps with some warped in zealots at 36 min)
-chronoboosting Nexus for nothing? :S Try to chronoboost more, you can chronoboost wargate, too

Your enemies left because they lost all their army at every attack without expanding to a third base and didn't manage to secure their expos (it's difficult on 2on2 maps, yes).

Jan 19 2011, 2:08 am NicholasBeige Post #3

Day9 has just finished uploading the finals from the Dreamhack tournament. Head on over to his channel for the most beautiful Starcraft 2 I have ever seen played:

Very nice PvZ from DuckloadRa (WhiteRa) and Dimaga, as well as a guy called Taurent (whom I don't know). I am a massive Dimaga fan and tremble in my boots whenever I play against a Zerg in case he shows just 1% of the skill that Dimaga has. And, well, WhiteRa is my hero, because he has the sense to play Protoss :)

Also Artosis has just uploaded two Idra replays, both on Scrap Station Vs. Terran.

So, I'd recommend you watch these replays Payne, and look what they get up to.

Ps. I can't watch your replay as I don't have SC2 on my laptop ^_^

Edit: Watch every replay you can involving WhiteRa - he changed his name to DuckloadRa recently for his sponsor. He is quite possibly, the best European Protoss player around.


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