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SEN Arena
Nov 21 2010, 2:26 am
By: DevliN
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Jan 14 2011, 4:59 am poison_us Post #161

Back* from the grave

// poison_us *please keep the lowercase letters*
  • Model(s) Used: Dunno SC2 models, so whatever someone things is reasonable for my name ;D Something snake-like or sommat.
  • Health: 500
  • Shields: 0
  • Damage: 0
  • Armor: Some reasonable number. <4 probably.
  • Movement Speed: Like...I dunno. Faster than a SC1 Shuttle but slower than a SC1 Zergling unupgraded. Basically, above average in terms of speed, but not the fastest.
  • Niche/Playstyle: DoT Caster
  • Abilities: 4 Active
    [Q] Poison spray (Channeled): Poisons all units in a line that is 500 units long and 50 wide. Units hit after first are poisoned for 20% less, in the order hit (first takes 100% damage, second 80%, third 74%, etc.). A poison dealing 100 damage over 5 seconds is applied to units in the area, and is reapplied once every second while within the rectangle. Spell channels until the unit dies, is moved, or is silenced. Cooldown of 10 seconds.
    [W] Virulent Plague (Missile & Channeled): Infests units within a 50-pixel radius of target location (550 pixel range) with a deadly projectile toxin. Afflicted units take 15 damage per second for 3 seconds, and spread the toxin to all units (including projectiles and minions) within a 20-pixel range of the afflicted unit. Additional stacks DO NOT increase damage, only reset the duration back to 3 seconds. Travel speed should be roughly 1200 pixels per second, and have a "mini" channel of between 1/4 and 1/2 second. Cooldown of 5 seconds.
    [E] Toxic Armor (Channeled): Unit covers itself in a mysterious liquid, poisoning the ground in a 100-pixel radius, dealing 60 Damage per second to ground units in the area (instant removal), and healing itself for 25 HP per second. Castable only when the unit has less than 200 HP, and automatically cancels once the unit reaches maximum HP, dies, moves, is silenced, etc. Cooldown of 30 seconds.
    [R] Vemon Shroud (Channeled): Unit envelops itself in an AoE Spell effecting an area proportional to unit's current HP (%: radius=(400[%HP])/2, Absolute: radius=(2000[HP points]/10), dealing damage proportional to the current HP (%: damage=-([%HP]-120)/2, Absolute: damage=-([HP points]-600)/10) per second. The unit is also rendered invisible for the duration, but takes 20 true damage per second. The spell lasts until the unit moves, dies, or 5 seconds have elapsed. Cooldown of 12 seconds.

Basically, this unit is to be a hit-and-run style annoying pain in the ass. Units that are able to get close to it are often punished for attempting to melee. His Q is designed to be a pain when one-on-one, and dish out more damage in teamfights when people aren't paying attention. His W is geared towards destroying multiple melee heroes, with its resetting damage over time. In addition, it gives a nice benefit, as it is allowed to attach its buff to an opponent's missles. His E doubles as a devastating killer in a melee battle and as a method of regaining lost HP. His R is so powerful it even damages can be used to deny a kill, to ward off low-HP chasers when his E is down, and, once again, to be a general pain in the ass to large numbers of units. It's intentionally designed to do increasing damage within a smaller radius as the unit loses HP, which can be used advantageously, if Devlin allows the stealth spell that still deals damage.

Based on the above formulas, his range is 200<x<=750, and his damage is 10<=x<60. Below is a graph for the damage (red) and radius (blue), with the % HP as dashes and the actual HP as lines. Remember, that the lines represent current HP, NOT missing HP.

This all said, I cannot make my unit, as I do not own SC2. So, if you'd put a note in the OP, or if someone could create the unit for me, that would be sweeeeeet.

Jan 14 2011, 8:08 am DevliN Post #162


That defeats the purpose of this. You're supposed to make your own unit.

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Jan 15 2011, 9:07 am Cheese Post #163

Well I got help from Artanis186 simply because I lacked the time to create the unit, I could have contributed more and will do so, possibly in the testing of the map, anyways here is a video showing whats done so far in my hero:

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Jan 18 2011, 1:54 am DevliN Post #164


So a couple things to think about.

For the purpose of balance, the Overlords would probably have to be tied to a ground mover, otherwise that could be severely abused.
Chronoblast can slow projectiles, but it shouldn't be able to destroy missiles tied to enemy abilities. Also unless it has a short timer, being able to give that ability to allies could cause issues.
The colossus ult is cool, but the unit shouldn't be able to walk over obstacles. That's something I will probably take care of in the individual arenas by preventing movement in certain places, but it is something to consider.

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Jan 18 2011, 2:02 am NicholasBeige Post #165

Yeah. ^ agree.

Also, how can a zealot who can restore his shields using psionic energy, create a chronorift and transform into a colossus ALSO summon overlords?


Jan 20 2011, 4:10 am Cheese Post #166

I do not believe the abilities need to be story consistent, and its not a zealot, its the preserver model, preserver, plus terrans have freed zerg from overmind control before for use in tracking psychics, no one said protoss couldnt do the same for different purposes. and the concept of transforming into a colossus was based on taking control of a robotic body while you are physically absent, like possessing it...

and yes I considered the ground plane array for the overlord, Ill look into lowering it's height to go with that, just need to make sure it doesnt interfere with it's spawning animation
as for chronoblast, missiles tied to abilities can have some attribute or validator attached to them to prevent it if needed though its hardly likely a player will get the timing correct to block an ability, still, I dont know how it will distinguish between attack missiles, and ability missiles, I may be able to make the change to simply severely slowing missiles....

and the Definition of chronoblast:

only the initial blast damages enemies and destroys missiles, the fields do not, also the fields do not give allies other fields, only the blast does, the fields simply slow movement and nothing else, and their effect is only shared with allied units in radius, as an addition to that, allies affected must be heroic in order to generate a slowing field, so support units cannot have this field anymore, only heroes, as well as the fact that the field will end after a short while and the amount of time it lasts is subject to balance testing.

as for the colossus, I considered removing cliffwalk as well ,the colossus itself is small and doesnt look right, but I think I will allow the colossus air vision height to see over cliffs, as long as platforms are accessible through a ramp, I feel it's ok...

I will talk these things over with Artanis186 as he has done a lot of help for me on this and I dont want to go in there and mess anything up.


Jan 23 2011, 10:47 pm Cheese Post #167

The hero, is very close to nearing completion,
-we will have a visual indicator (tint color) to let players know if the hero is silenced (red) or using khalai shield (purple)
-the overlord will collide with ground, had its height lowered and is a ground plane array, but has the colossus mover to scale cliffs, but still have some limitations (cant cross chasms/abysses) and serves as a transport for micro purposes, this will be subject to later balance testing....
-cliffwalk for the colossus will be removed so it behaves like any ground unit
-colossus build time shortened
-colossus lifespan shortened
-slowvie immediately dies when hero has died
after all this is put into effect, my hero will be complete and subject to later balance testing when we get more heroes


Jan 24 2011, 3:43 am Alzarath Post #168


Out of curiosity, is this map actually started, Devlin? You should at least try do think up some terrain if not.


Jan 24 2011, 3:45 am payne Post #169


Quote from DevliN
  • A mock-up of a possible FFA arena.

  • A mock-up of a possible 2v2v2v2 or 4v4 arena.



Jan 24 2011, 5:28 am Alzarath Post #170


Go grab a glass of water.

But ya, forgot about those. :\

More refined question, has he been sent/implemented any heroes yet?


Jan 24 2011, 6:01 am Cheese Post #171

His hero is the only one he has possession of, Imma send mine, huge thanks artanis, and if any ideas for the terrain.

So yeah... mine is done, I'll send it in a PM

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Jan 29 2011, 7:29 pm DevliN Post #172


Was that PM you sent me supposed to have something attached?

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Jan 30 2011, 6:36 pm Cheese Post #173

yes,I can send an email if you would like, and I believe a front page post would do good in reminding people of the project

and the arenas dont exactly have to be symmetrical, I was thinking we could have an arena with a labyrinth of sorts and LOS blockers and stuff, just as long as there arent any safe or camping spots

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Jan 31 2011, 2:17 am DevliN Post #174


Just send me a new PM with it attached.

As I've said before, I'm open to suggestions for arenas if people want to make some and send them to me as well.

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Feb 8 2011, 3:21 am Cheese Post #175

We need a few more heroes, we should really bring this up again on the news feed, either way, when i have time ill work on possible arenas


Feb 12 2011, 1:42 pm Alzarath Post #176


Cloaking? That allowed? (Not for combat reasons, but to hide something so a player would have to use a detector to find it)


Feb 12 2011, 2:21 pm DevliN Post #177


Probably not. I could see cloaking working if it had a duration, and the unit uncloaks when attacking. I didn't really want to have to make ward-like items for this, but since this is a communal thing, I'll leave it up to everyone.

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