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Mafia Role Creation Thread
Oct 2 2010, 4:47 pm
By: Roy
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Oct 24 2012, 5:11 pm Fire_Kame Post #101

a left leaning coexistence nut

Quote from Sacrieur
Quote from Fire_Kame
Given the chance, I feel like everyone would choose hitman. If they don't have enough time to find out the others in their archetype, or it could end up with what Raccoon wanted last time - a victory for him at the expense of the town.

They could, but it would make the town or mafia weaker. A couple of paramedics can seriously poke holes in a brute force tactic like that one, and throw a town doctor or two into the mix and it's not the same as having a bunch of hitmen in regular mafia.

I really think picking all of one role is setting yourself up for failure.
That's assuming the town is organized enough to choose roles accordingly, and it would appear (in my limited experience) it takes a couple days for that to happen.

Oct 24 2012, 5:20 pm Dem0n Post #102

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

If everyone chose Hitman, we'd have ourselves another TKG. Maybe it'd actually get completed. :awesome:

Oct 24 2012, 6:51 pm Bar Refaeli Post #103

You silly people those were only a taste of the amazingly realistic roles in Realistic Mafia.


Oct 24 2012, 8:55 pm Lanthanide Post #104

Quote from Azrael
It would be helpful if things got bad enough that Mafia were overpowering the Town; you could redistribute the remaining roles and hope you were put on the winning team.
My reading of the power is that The Government dies the very next day, so it's not in their personal interest. It also doesn't actually kill any mafia or enable a town victory, although I guess a night without killing would allow more people to accumulate money to emigrate; on the other hand Raccoon was talking about money being rewarded based on actions in the game such as mafia hits, so it's likely a night with no mafia hits would result in little money anyway?


Oct 25 2012, 2:37 am Azrael Post #105

Ah, you're right, I overlooked the self-lynch in that. Yeah, all it would really do is help Townies get more money, so the money-gaining mechanic would need to work for attempted hits instead of successful hits, if it was going to be based on Mafia hits :P

It should be clarified if the money each Townie has saved up is also given to whoever ends up with their role.

Oct 25 2012, 6:20 am Dem0n Post #106

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

  • Townspeople will be given social statuses at random. These statuses will decide how much money they have to spend. The money they have can be used to buy items that grant the player specific powers, such as a set of surgeon tools giving a player Doctor abilities.
  • Players will be able to have only one item at a time. They can prolong their abilities or get new ones by buying more of their current item or buying a completely different one.
  • Whenever a townsperson commits a successful night action, such as a player with surgeon tools protecting a player who has been hit by the Mafia, he/she will receive extra money, depending on what action they used. If a night action negatively affects the player's team, such as a player with a revolver killing another townsperson, they will not be rewarded any money.
  • Players cannot trade purchased items.
  • Players can transfer funds to other players. Transfers must be made at night and take an entire day to process. Mafia members can receive funds, but they cannot use them.
  • Players can write a will in which they state to whom all their money will go to after they die. The will is posted publicly and everyone will know who inherited the money.
  • After Mafia members are randomly selected, they will be given personalities at random. These personalities will allow the Mafia members to choose a role specific to their personality, such as a lowly thug choosing to be a Hitman. These roles are permanent and cannot be changed.


| Town |

Social Statuses:

Wealthy Entrepreneur - The highest class of Sen City, these people invested wisely and saved up a great deal of money. They were smart spenders and knew how to manage their money before the mob came into town. These people can purchase any item found within the town. They have a starting budget of $1000.
  • Transfer Funds: The player can transfer some money to another player. Transfers must be made at night and take one day/night cycle to process.

Modest Worker - These people live moderately, neither living a life of glory nor a life of poverty. They have some money saved up, but not that much. These people can purchase any item except for the revolver, surgeon tools, and government trust. They have a starting budget of $450.
  • Transfer Funds: The player can transfer some money to another player. Transfers must be made at night and take one day/night cycle to process.

Failing Businessman - These people made the mistake of investing in terrible businesses, basically throwing their money away for nothing. They have almost nothing saved up, and therefore can only buy cheaper items. These people can only purchase bulletproof vests or pharmaceuticals. They have a starting budget of $100.
  • Transfer Funds: The player can transfer some money to another player. Transfers must be made at night and take one day/night cycle to process.

Unlucky Hobo - The lowest class of Sen City, these people have the worst of it. They were born into poverty and could not find a way out. They have absolutely nothing of their own, and live on the cold streets, just barely scraping by in life. Having no money, these people cannot purchase any items and may only participate in daily votes.
  • Miserable Lifestyle (Passive): The Hobo has never had, and will never have, any money in his life. Therefore, he cannot receive any money. Any money transferred to a Hobo will not go through.

*None of these budgets reflect real-life situations. Don't overthink it.

Items (Can be bought and used on the same night):

Revolver ($600) - Allows the player to kill another player at night. Comes with one bullet. Extra bullets must be purchased in order to make more night hits. Bullets cost $100 each, and can only be bought if a revolver is already owned. If a Mafia member is killed by a revolver, the player will receive $100.
  • Shoot: Shoots a player at night. Number of uses depends on how many bullets the player owns.
  • Buy Bullet ($100): Buys an extra bullet. Only one bullet can bought at a time.

Government Trust ($700) - Allows the player to buy the trust of a city official who can end a day vote early. The trust of the government worker cannot be bought more than once. If the person who is lynched through a shortened day vote is Mafia, the player who ended the vote early will receive $250.
  • End Voting: The player gets his city trustee to end the day vote early. Can only be used once.

Surgeon Tools ($500) - Allows the player to save another player from death. The surgeon tools are only durable enough for two uses, and more must be bought if extra attempts to save lives are to be made. If a player is successfully saved, the player who performed the surgery will receive $150.
  • Perform Surgery: The player performs surgery on a player who has been hit. The player can perform two surgeries with one set of surgeon tools.

Recording Adapter ($300) - Allows the player to tap into a player's cell phone, home phone, and computer. The player can plant the adapter in a player's home one night, and will learn of that player's night actions the next day. The player can tap into at most three players' homes before needing to buy additional adapters. Use of the recording adapter does not grant any money.
  • Plant Adapter: Places the recording adapter in a player's home. The following day, the player will know exactly what the target did that night. Cannot be used on Unlucky Hobos.
  • Follow Tracker: The player follows the tracking device placed in the target's cell phone, learning what role visited him/her. Players who are Failing Businessmen or Unlucky Hobos cannot afford cell phones, so the player will not be able to follow them.

Dynamite Vest ($250) - Allows the player to wear a dynamite vest that will explode if the player is killed at night. Whoever visited the player will also be killed. While the vest is worn, no other item can be bought.
  • Detonate (Passive): The dynamite on the vest explodes when the player's heart stops beating, killing all who visited the player. The vest will only detonate at night.

Sheriff's Belt ($200) - Allows the player to buy a sheriff's belt from a former cop. The belt includes a key to the jail, beating stick, and handcuffs. The player can use these items to either jail a player, negating their night action, or protect a player, making them immune to all night actions. Mafia members who have the Corrupt Politician personality can bypass these actions. The sheriff's belt is only good for one use. If the player protects another player from a negative night action, he/she will receive $75.
  • Detain: Places a player in jail. The player cannot use any night actions.
  • Protect: Places a patrol car in front of the player's house, granting him/her immunity from all night actions.

Bulletproof Vest ($50) - Allows the player to protect him/herself from a night hit. The player keeps the vest on until he/she is either hit at night or chooses to buy another item. If the player survives a night hit because of the bulletproof vest, he/she will receive $50.
  • Extra Life (Passive): The player gets an extra night life by wearing the vest.

Pharmaceuticals ($50) - Allows the player to help another player overcome an infection. The pharmaceuticals must be applied two nights in a row for the infection to be cured. If they are not used in two consecutive nights, they will go to waste and must be bought again. If an infection is successfully cured, the player will receive $50.
  • Apply Medicine: The player applies the medicine to an infected player. Must be used immediately after purchase and in two consecutive nights.
  • Cure Infection (Passive): The player will cure an infected player if the medicine is applied two nights in a row.

*None of these prices reflect real-life prices. Don't think too hard about it. Also, items cannot be refunded. Once you buy an item, you either use it or buy a different one.

| Mafia |

Low-Life Thug - Having been in and out of jail for the past few years, this person cares about nothing but himself. He will do whatever it takes to make sure nobody pushes him around, even if it means killing them.


Mugger - Attacks people at night and steals their belongings.
  • Rob: Robs a person of their purchased item. The Mugger cannot use the item, but neither can the player to whom it belongs to. The target will get his/her item back the next night. If an item with a limited amount of uses is stolen, its usage will be reduced by one.

Hitman - Kills people at night. It's all he's good for.
  • Hit: Targets a player at night. If the player is not protected or saved by another, he/she will die. If multiple hits are made on the same person, only one will count.

Corrupt Politician - This man has held a government position for years, but has grown tired his city's passiveness and inability to do what's necessary to ensure safety. This person is looking for some excitement in his career, and the Mafia know just how to utilize him.


Saboteur - Can alter and rig votes.
  • Change Vote: Changes the target's vote from one player to another. Can be declared one night, but may be activated any time afterwards. Changed votes can stack up.
  • Rig Vote: Rigs a player's vote. If the target is lynched, the last person who voted for him/her will be seen as guilty and will also die.
  • Bypass Sheriff (Passive): Having government status, the Corrupt Politician can bypass the Sheriff's detainment or protection of another player.

Ex-CIA Member - He spent years making a name for himself. He gave up everything to protect those he loved. He was betrayed by his country. Now it's time for payback.
  • Alter Recording: Intercepts the recording from the recording adapter and replaces it with his own recording. The recording can be up to 30 characters long. This ability must be used on the player who owns the recording adapter, not the one who is being recorded.
  • Hack Account: Guesses the social status of a player. If right, he will hack into the target's bank account and steals a specific amount of money. If the amount of money specified is more than the target has, no money will be stolen. The Ex-CIA Member will keep the money, but cannot use it on anything.
  • Bypass Sheriff (Passive): Having government status, the Corrupt Politician can bypass the Sheriff's detainment or protection of another player.

City Mayor - Once a pioneer for safety and justice, the Mayor of Sen City no longer cares about his townsfolk. Instead, he is only interested in achieving his own goal, which is to tear the city apart from the inside out.
  • Declare Double Lynch: The Mayor declares a double lynch for the day, and the top two candidates are killed. The declaration is not, and should not be, made publicly. Can be used once per game.
  • Executive Decision: If three townspeople are lynched on three consecutive days, the Mayor steps up, telling the people he can't stand for another innocent to be killed. He then chooses one person to be executed. Can be used during the day and once per game.
  • Deceitfulness (Passive): Nobody suspects the Mayor of anything. Everyone thinks he's a good guy. If lynched, the Mayor will appear to be a Wealthy Entrepreneur.
  • Bypass Sheriff (Passive): Having government status, the Corrupt Politician can bypass the Sheriff's detainment or protection of another player.

Dastardly Villain - This person a god among criminals. He's a genius, a trickster, and a master at lying his way to glory. He heads the Mafia operation and controls everything they do. Without him, the Mafia will be weakened and less organized.


Mad Chemist - A genius scientist gone off the deep end, the Mad Chemist now uses his knowledge to strike fear into the citizens of Sen City.
  • Inject Virus: The Mad Chemist injects a homemade virus into a target's bloodstream. On the third night following the injection, the target will die. While infected, the target cannot use any night actions. In order for the target to be saved, he/she must be treated with pharmaceuticals on nights 1 and 2 of the infection. If treated on nights 2 and 3, the infection will kill the player before he/she can be cured. The target is made aware of their infection the day following the injection. Can only be used if no players are currently infected.
  • Trigger Cyanide: All Mafia members have a special cyanide capsule planted in their arms, and at any time, the Mad Scientist can activate the capsule to "kill" a teammate. The teammate's role will be revealed and he will be presumed dead. After two nights, the target will come back to life, but cannot post in the thread anymore. His return will not be publicly announced. Can be used once per game. ← Needs to be nerfed.

Evil Mortician - Bought off by the Mafia weeks ago, the Mortician makes sure no foul play is discovered in the deaths of Sen City's citizens.
  • Cover Role: The Mortician changes the dead target's role. Must be used on the same night a hit is made.
  • Switch Identity: The Mortician wrongly identifies the dead body as a living player. Neither the dead player nor proclaimed dead player can talk, but after one day/night cycle, the dead player will be properly identified and the proclaimed dead player will be able to talk again. Must be used on the same night a hit is made.
  • Resurrect: The Mortician uses his self-made concoction to resurrect a dead player for one night. The Mortician will be able to use whatever item the target had when he/she died. The concoction takes two full days to make, allowing the Mortician to use it every three nights.

High-Valued Witness - This man has seen many crimes. He's promised to reveal the truth of the crimes, gaining insurmountable protection from others. Unfortunately for the feds, they don't realize that the so-called "truth" this man has to offer is actually just complete lies. However, fortunately for this man, he's nearly untouchable.
  • Suggest: The Witness is around cops all the time, so he knows who they're selling belts to. He can suggest to the person with the Sheriff's Belt who to detain/protect. Can be used once per night.
  • Incriminate: Gives a list of "criminals" to the cops. The list must consist of at least four names, and their social statuses must be correctly guessed. If all are correct, they will all be sent to jail on a $100 bail. While in jail, the players cannot vote or use night actions. Other players can pay the bail to get the jailed players out. May be used as long as no players are currently jailed.
  • Witness Protection (Passive): The Witness is heavily guarded by cops at all times. Therefore, he cannot die at night. He can only die by a day lynch.

  • The prices of items and rewards obviously need to be altered. I just threw these in as place holders; I'd love to hear suggestions for better balance.
  • Yes, I know a CIA member is not a politician. I would have called them Corrupt Government Workers, but that's too long.
  • I'm pretty sure the Mafia is OP as fuck. Please, give me suggestions to better balance their roles.
  • I didn't copy Sacrieur's idea. :massimo:

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Oct 25 2012, 2:23 pm Tempz Post #107

Pretty epic; just need more roles; and you should separate the money, roles, money status.


Oct 25 2012, 3:55 pm rayNimagi Post #108

Demon, that's really good stuff. But, I think the Mad Chemist's cyanide ability is OP. No townsfolk would know if the Mafia came back, so there'd be no way of knowing who to lynch once all the Mafia are "dead".

Win by luck, lose by skill.

Oct 26 2012, 6:45 am Dem0n Post #109

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

That is very true. Maybe I could change it to something like the teammate will come back without it being made public, but will die two days later due to complications from the cyanide? I dunno... I have like a year before I'll host again so I have some time. :awesome:

Oct 29 2012, 4:11 am rayNimagi Post #110

If you've ever played Bang! this Mafia variant will be familiar to you:

Players are randomly placed along the edges of a circle. During the night, each player may only target players directly beside themselves. Every time a player dies, his position is removed from the game, and the circle gets "smaller". For instance:

Consider a game of 5 players: A, B, C, D, and E. They might be arranged like this:
If the Mafia is C, he can only attack B and D. If the cop is E, he can only investigate D and A. etc.
If the Mafia kills D, the circle becomes this:

But wouldn't that make it pretty obvious who the mafia are? No, because there would also be a Killer in play. The Killer (aligned with no one) can attack anyone at any range.


Win by luck, lose by skill.

Oct 29 2012, 8:41 pm Moose Post #111

Quote from rayNimagi
If you've ever played Bang! this Mafia variant will be familiar to you:

Players are randomly placed along the edges of a circle. During the night, each player may only target players directly beside themselves. Every time a player dies, his position is removed from the game, and the circle gets "smaller". For instance:

Consider a game of 5 players: A, B, C, D, and E. They might be arranged like this:
If the Mafia is C, he can only attack B and D. If the cop is E, he can only investigate D and A. etc.
If the Mafia kills D, the circle becomes this:

But wouldn't that make it pretty obvious who the mafia are? No, because there would also be a Killer in play. The Killer (aligned with no one) can attack anyone at any range.

It would need some work and even some roles built around a game of this type, but I think this could make for a very interesting game. Particularly a clueless one. I might steal this someday. ^^

Jul 26 2013, 2:14 am Raitaki Post #112

DEFCON Mafia ~*~SEN Edition~*~

It's mostly like normal mafia, but at the start of the game people send in what role they want (it's recommended that you list multiple roles and arrange them into a priority list, in case you can't get your first one). Each role can only go to one person (except for Missile Silo), and if many people ask for the same role at once a randomizer will be used to decide who gets it. Any person who doesn't get their wanted role or doesn't submit their preferences will just get a Missile Silo in launch mode.
There are three factions, town, mafia and serial killer. Factions don't affect the role-requesting process. Town wins if both mafia and SK are dead, and at least one townie is alive at game over. Mafia wins if both town and SK are dead, and at least one mafia is alive at game over (mafia doesn't win from outvoting town due to the presence of nukes). SK wins if everyone else is dead, regardless of whether he is still alive. However, a game over will not be announced until a) all current nuclear missiles land, and b) the period of time the Doomsday Mechanism role has to decide their posthumous launch has expired. If everyone is dead at the moment of game over (even if either town or mafia is alive alone at the start of the current day/night phase), the SK wins. If the game arrives at a situation where it is impossible for it to end or progress, everyone loses.
A simplified summary of the DEFCON system (at least the version edited for SEN): D0, players receive their faction PM, then they send in their role choices if any. D1, players receive their roles, and lynching begins. However, anti-town factions cannot nightkill until N2. Starting from D3, all players possessing nuclear weapons can use them at any time during the day by posting in the thread. There is no N0. Due to the time it takes for nukes to land, day phases might be longer than usual, and instead of a tally at the end of the day, the lynch might instead be decided if a sufficient majority of players vote on the same person (or for no lynch. Abstaining is not voting for no lynch) upon which the day immediately ends.

Missile silo: If you choose Missile Silo as your role, you must also choose between Nuclear Launch Mode and Anti-Ballistic Missile Mode. Unlike other roles, there is no limit on how many players can have a Missile Silo, and a request for this role will never be contested. Note that after choosing one of the 2 modes, you will not be able to switch between them for the rest of the game.

Nuclear launch mode: Each day starting from D3, you can initiate a nuclear launch against another player by posting "Nuke: [player]" in bold in the thread. Your nuclear launch will be publicly announced in the thread by the mod (including the identity of the launcher), and each subsequent vote count and day/night end post will contain a countdown to impact for each launched missile. Missiles take 48 hours to land, and can be aborted up to 24 hours after launch if the launcher posts in the thread "Abort: [player]" (hours might be subject to change). Aborting a missile launch on the same day does not allow you to launch another one in the same day. You cannot launch another missile on the same player if your previous missile launched at them is still en route. Nuclear missiles will continue traveling to their targets regardless of the current phase and whether the launcher is still alive. If a nuke lands during the night phase, the aftermath will be posted at the beginning of the next day.

Anti-Ballistic missile mode: Each day/night cycle, the first nuclear missile aimed at you that crosses its 24 hours abortion period will be nullified.
Fighter: Once per night, you can target one player to know their role, but not their faction (you will not learn what mode their Missile Silo is in if they have one).
Espionage: Once per night, you can target one player and guess their faction. You will learn whether your guess is correct.
Special Ops Strike Force: Once per night, you can target one player. If their role is a Missile Silo in Anti-Ballistic Missile mode, then it will be sabotaged and they will be vulnerable to nuclear strikes for the rest of the game. Otherwise, your role will be revealed to them and they will learn you targeted them last night.
Aircraft Carrier: Once per night, you can target a player to prevent them from using any night actions this night and from launching any nuclear missiles the next day.
Battleship: Once per night, you can target a player to protect them from ONE night kill targeting them that night (nuclear missiles don't count).
Radar: Once per night, you can target a player to learn who they target with their night action (if any) this night, and who targets them. Night kills are not detected this way.
Submarine: On D3, you can launch a nuclear missile anonymously without being revealed as the aggressor by PMing the mod during D3. However, you must still post in the thread to cancel it. On D4, you become a normal Missile Silo on Launch Mode. Note that during N3 you can still be identified by the Fighter as the Submarine. Your flip will still identify you as the Submarine.
Air base: You are immune to all night actions except for the night kill.
Failsafe: Once per day phase, you automatically launch a nuclear missile against the first player to launch a nuclear missile at you (this CAN target the anonymous Submarine launch on D3, although the recipient is unknown until the missile lands). This launch cannot be aborted, and it will have the same projected impact time as the nuclear launch that triggers it.
Doomsday Mechanism: If you are killed by any means other than a nuclear strike or the mod's lightning bolt, you have 36 hours starting from the posting time of the post announcing your death to PM the mod and choose one living player to initiate a nuclear launch against. This is entirely optional, and the launch cannot be aborted. Your role will always be listed as a Missile Silo until you choose to activate the Doomsday Mechanism. The Doomsday Mechanism can be activated even before D3.
Since this is open setup, this role list may not be final, and the list will be open for viewing when I host the game. Feel free to make suggestions. Depending on the number of people signing up, the maximum number of available roles may change.

This is what I'm planning to use for the next mafia game I post. Feedback appreciated.

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