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Suggestions from Replay
Aug 30 2010, 5:49 pm
By: Fisty  

Aug 30 2010, 5:49 pm Fisty Post #1

Here's my next experiment in improving, suggestions from a replay. Anyone who would actually be willing to do so, I'm putting up a replay of my ZvP match I just had. It's fairly interesting, but nothing Diamond. Basically it was a 1v1 between myself (Rank 2 Bronze) against this Protoss guy (Rank 22 Silver, love matchmaking, right?).
Anyway, what I'm asking for is someone to watch, and point out any and all mistakes they can find.



Aug 30 2010, 9:33 pm CecilSunkure Post #2

You built a second spine crawler when the protoss wasn't even applying pressure to you. Your queen seemed slightly late. Don't extractor cancel. When the early stalker was chasing your overseer you should have overrun it with zerglings. The protoss is using a 4 warpgate cheese, you need to react to this once you find this out. Early on you applied no pressure with your lings -they can't do anything inside your base! You should have your zerglings running around outside the toss base, waiting for a way in and figuring out what he's up to, trying to pick off any stray units.

Your 5 roach pop was much to slow, you need to study the build order here in order to do it properly. I urge you to also read everything here. You failed to apply any pressure with your late roach pop.

At 8 minutes you have 500 minerals, this should never happen early game. The highest your minerals should get early game is 400, and that's if you're going to expand. Why did you expand? If you're going to expand, use something like the speedling FE. You expanded just as the Protoss's warpgates started producing units, and the 4 warpgate is a one base allin. This means that he's focusing all his minerals on creating units, while you made an expansion. BAD. You need to read up on Protoss strategy so that when you scout (which you did a terrible job of scouting), you can understand what the enemy is actually doing, that way you can react to it. You scouted four warpgates and didn't do anything at all about it.

Once the enemy protoss (retardedly) attacked you with zealots, you didn't kite the zealots with your roaches, you just stood there. You need to hit, move back, hit, move back; kite the zealots. Once you finally killed the zealots, you didn't do anything. You killed all those zealots without losing hardly anything and then didn't do anything. You could have spent an equal amount of resources that the zealots costed on something, because him attacking you like that was basically a free 500 minerals to you.

Zerg is supposed to be a reactive race, one that adjusts and changes depending on what the enemy is doing. You are staying in your base -BAD. Zerg has greater maneuverability compared to Protoss, and as such the zerg should have map control at this point of the game. You cannot sit in your base and not do anything with your units. You need to apply pressure, try to pick off enemy units, and scout. You need to know what to do when once you finally do scout as well.

It took you way too long to create drones for your expansion. At 11 minutes the protoss player had about 1/3 the amount of probes he should have, and if you had scouted this you would know that he doesn't have the minerals needed to support his four warpgates. You could have one based him easily, and if you quickly get your expansion up from here you can easily just overwhelm him with units.

At 12:35 you don't have enough drones. You need at least double the amount of drones you currently had. You also laid down a baneling nest, why? Don't use banelings late game unless you know what you're going to do, and have a solid plan. banelings vs protoss are more commonly used to bust the front wall, or hit probe lines.

At 15 minutes you had 1k minerals, and each queen had too much energy. One queen had 155 energy, and the other had 75. You need to constantly keep your minerals down and constantly keep your queen's energy down. Imagine if you spent those minerals on drones. You'd be able to produce the units you should be producing.

At 18 minutes you have over 1k minerals, and still have half the drones you should. You need to spend your minerals.

When you attacked at 23 minutes, your corrupters weren't attacking the collosus. Don't spend money on tech if you aren't going to properly use it. You made too much tech without properly utilizing any of it, and you only have 2 bases.

At 26 minutes you wasted four banelings for nothing.

At 32 minutes your corrupters are again doing nothing while you attack.

You said gg before he did. Don't be an ass.

Major things to work on:
  • Don't sit in your base with your units.
  • Don't stop making drones. You aren't a good enough player to know when enough drones is enough, so keep making them all game. I'm not even kidding. For now, just always be making drones unless you are under attack.
  • Spend all your minerals. Make it a goal to never let your minerals go above 400.
  • Don't waste money on tech you aren't going to properly use.
  • You must apply pressure to the enemy early game.
  • Don't build more than one spine crawler early game unless the protoss moves out.
  • You must constantly scout and know what your enemy is doing. You also need to know what to do once you finally do scout. Read all of this, and read into a bit of both the protoss and terran strategies, so that you can understand what they are doing when you finally do scout.


Aug 30 2010, 10:08 pm Amadi Post #3

Zerg Hatchery is actually 300 minerals, rather than 400, so you should aim to keep at or below that number rather than the 400 Cecil is suggesting. It can be quite difficult to keep under this number, however.


Aug 30 2010, 10:16 pm CecilSunkure Post #4

Yeah hatch is 300, but I picked 400 just for some leeway as sometimes you'll also place extractors or something.

If you can, make 300 your goal of to never surpass.
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Aug 31 2010, 3:57 pm Fisty Post #5

Thank you very much Cecil, I'll be working on all of those, except this one.

You said gg before he did. Don't be an ass.
Because I said gl hf and he didn't return it :bleh:


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