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Regarding Balance
Aug 25 2010, 12:08 am
By: Amadi
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Oct 9 2010, 5:26 am CecilSunkure Post #41

Quote from name:Cardinal
To the untrained eye, you might think that it is very nice and thoughtful for Blizzard to explain to us why certain changes were made. The truth of the matter is, at least in my most humble opinion, that Blizzard have made a pretty weak patch, and attempt to disguise it with a fancy write-off.

The most substantial change is to the Siege Tank
Blizzard doesn't disguise things as a fancy write-off. They are a company of professionals, and more documentation on those patch changes are sitting in Blizzard right now than most people would ever consider reading. You should consider the "write-off" that Blizzard made as a short and concise summary.

The biggest change was siege tanks? Don't you have any idea what type of impact all of those had on gameplay, especially high level gameplay? Tanks were severely overpowered in large numbers, and reapers and bunkers were causing havoc, especially to zerg. Proxy zealots and 4 warpgates were just too strong. All of these changes are major, and I have to say that you feel they are small changes due to the fact that you are a low-level player that is bad at the game to where you can't tell much a difference.

Quote from name:Cardinal
But, my rant (and main problem) here is not to do with the Siege Tank. It is easily countered by a smart Dark Templar (usually) or a swarm of Air units..
Dark templar are usually risky when used as a build's main focus. Also, players usually mass siege tanks when the enemy tehs to ground units -you can't simply pop a swarm of air units out of thin air as tech switches are slow. A lot of stuff counters a siege tank, but the problem isn't just a siege tank, it was when large numbers of siege tanks were used by high level players in conjunction with an array of other units, that array of which often included ravens that would nullify a DT, or a plethora of stuff that can shoot at a swarm of air units.

Quote from name:Cardinal
My problem is that Marines + Medivacs pretty much (with Marauders occasionally) counter anything.
In equal numbers Protoss gateway put up an equal fight against MMM. A couple storms tears through an entire bio ball, and a critical mass of collosus tear through them as well. Zealots with charge, when the bio ball has no retreat, tear through bio balls as well.

Quote from name:Cardinal
I feel this patch is a poor excuse for a 'balance patch'... They even make schoolboy errors which result in a very quick 'fix-me' patch (being released days later).
Calling an error schoolboy is a very convincing argument. You can't expect Blizzard to find every little detail before release, and really, the errors that were present in 1.1 didn't cause too much trouble. Better a quick patch than a delayed one, why criticize on how fast those errors were fixed?

Quote from name:Cardinal
But these sorts of changes do very little overall.
Again, you are a low-level player, and the very fact that you are making this claim is evidence of your ignorance. I hate to sound so demeaning, but it's true.

Quote from name:Cardinal
The Hydra (and it's anti-air capabilities) correct me if i'm wrong, but anti air is the only use I ever find for mass hydra.. Is a little bit redundant in this role due to the Corrupter? A specialised air superiority fighter... Which does very poorly at it's role of Anti Air.
The corrupter is really anti-massive units like collosus and carrier. However, the hydralisk is just simply not as weak as you make it out to be. Watch some Idra games, he uses mass hydra. The DPS on hydras is insane, and they destroy gateway units in a straight up fight.


Oct 9 2010, 2:31 pm BeDazed Post #42

But, my rant (and main problem) here is not to do with the Siege Tank. It is easily countered by a smart Dark Templar (usually) or a swarm of Air units..
Instead of arguing out of your heart's content, learn the game before you start making more stupid arguments. Skilled gamers can throw a scan in less than 2 seconds (Usually instantaneous for progamers, or skilled players at the level similar to Idra or higher) after being notified of an enemy attack from sound or by minimap, or by visual- which would annihilate and obliterate or rape any army of Dark Templars possible in a normal melee game should Siege tanks be sufficient in numbers.
And usually, people don't 'mass' Siege tanks when they know you have a swarm of air units. And they usually do, since Terrans scan all the time for your tech, build, and stuff. One sided arguments in RTSes gets you nowhere, and it doesn't help- nor does it solve anything for anyone. There's several factors in victory of a single battle in a game. I'll list the major factors below.

It is true that Zerg is very hard to play. But I bet they're very good when they're used properly.


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