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Immortal Defense
Aug 7 2010, 7:38 pm
By: xAngelSpiritx  

Aug 7 2010, 7:38 pm xAngelSpiritx Post #1

eternal lurker

A very unique game. The intro video pretty much sums it all up:

Immortal Defense Homepage

Here's my own review, if you'd like:

This is a very unique game, especially for its genre. Most tower defense games nowadays focus on gameplay and lack an in-depth storyline other than "kill the enemies". Immortal Defense, on the other hand, focuses on storyline, with a story spanning over 100 levels and six campaigns. Even the demo of the game has an impressive 30 levels--one-third of the entire game.
In addition to the storyline, the gameplay is also quite different. Instead of generic "ice tower", "fire tower", etc., each tower has its own personality that defines its attributes and special abilties. In the game, the towers are represented as aspects of your will, such as courage and fear, and each tower has its own special abilities. There is no "generic tower", each tower has special attributes.
This excerpt from the game intro captures the richness of the storyline fairly well:

"The Bavakh Empire had begun conquering our planets.
So the government sent my father into heaven, to defend us.
He gave up his body, his world, everything! All for us--
But how long would he be in heaven alone, fighting off the Bavakh? How many ships did they have?
When would he come back to us?"

In short, Immortal Defense is the most unique game I have ever played.


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[05:27 pm]
martosss -- If you can give me a solution that would fill P1 I'd appreciate it :)
[05:26 pm]
martosss -- So the game fills first the force with most open slots, then alternates ... I saw it in melee maps too - there all players are in the same force and even though the mode is top vs bottom, those 2 new forces are generic and joining players are filling the lobby from top to bottom because it's the same force. I've seen other maps where they Alternate and I assume that's because there the map had 2 forces
[05:25 pm]
martosss -- oops, can't write new lines .. oh well ... force1 : P1, force 2: P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7 ... force 3: CPU P8 and P2-6 gets filled first
[05:24 pm]
martosss -- no, jjf, my current setup is force1
[04:00 pm]
jjf28 -- I believe slots fill according to ascending player number, so if the observer is player 1, they'll land in that slot first, if the observer was player 8, they'll land in that slot last
[02:57 pm]
martosss -- Hey folks, a quick question ... when people enter a map lobby, can you force them to go in a particular force first? I have a map where there is 1 player, 6 spectators and 1 computer. The players always enter and go to the observer section first. I want them to first go to the player slot if it's free. Is that possible?
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