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TeaM StackD SSCT DefencE
Nov 11 2007, 1:01 am
By: iXenox  

Nov 11 2007, 1:01 am iXenox Post #1

TeaM StackD SSCT DefencE

[*]Unique and exciting unit choices.
[*]Complete hero system.
[*]Stackable Zerg in-game.
[*]Fun, yet challenging game play.
[*]Unbreakable Anti-Wall

Change Log:
[*]Fixed bug with Player 2's ability to make addition defence.
[*]Stats changes to various levels about 15.
[*]Lurker stat change. 2 damage instead of 1
[*]Fixed anti air zones, no longer causes spam when too many big units are purchased.
[*]Increased $/kill from 8 to 10.

V0.2 BETA:
[*]Fixed a typo that made it impossible for Players 2 & 8 to stack multiple times.
[*]Fixed Lightswitch for P8
[*]Fixed a rare ability to wall by dropping units.
[*]Fixed moving unit triggers for P8
[*]Made it so owning a Valkyrie would give you 6 Corsair instead.

V0.3 BETA:
[*]Fixed a bug that caused level 20 to mess up for odd# players
[*]Fixed a overlooking that let you win before beating final level
[*]Added an additional 5 levels (Total 26)
[*]Statchange: Corsair +1 attack
[*]Statchange: Lurker +1 attack
[*]Statchange: Goliath+1 attack
[*]Statchange: Hydralisk +1 attack
[*]Statchange: Mutalisk +1 attack
[*]Statchange: heroes made from the units above
[*]Made it so owning a Valkyrie would give you 6 Corsair instead.

V0.4 BETA:
[*]Changed the PylonConvert method
[*]Changed terrain that was blocking certain unit attacks
[*]Made the instructions retard proof(or so I hope).
[*]Made the game startup approximately 30seconds faster altogether.

V0.5 BETA:
[*]Units (Pylons,Lurkers,Corsairs) have been adjusted to prevent mass lag.
[*]Mutual start requirements lifted.

[*]Collection of bugs in 0.5 fixed.
[*]Hero tree for Queen & Hydra changed.
[*]26 complete, beatable levels. Now the race factor is in play :)

Very fun map imho, but don't take my word for it. Changes will be logged here to know if you really need to update.

Map took a very long time to make, many tedious triggers were needed to ensure hypers could keep cash counting nicely. Unique hero system, all units have at least 2 heroes to them, sometimes more. The game also features a unbreakable anti-wall, making it possible to splash without ruining defence. Game can be played fully functional without a partner, partners leaving do not ruin the game for the entire team. If you miss the days when defence wasn't about buying rines, upgrading, and sitting back(possibly snaring once every 5 minutes) then this map is for you.

If you do enjoy the map, my bnet id is iDollarBill@USEast, I stay in channel CnM.

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