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(2) Geneta
Jun 27 2010, 7:31 am
By: JaBoK  

Jun 27 2010, 7:31 am JaBoK Post #1

Hey all, this is my first crack at a balanced SC2 melee map. The map is 2 player, with a relatively long rush distance (not desert oasis long, but something like blistering sands. It's a bit big, and I kept it down to 8 bases total unlike the 10 you'll see in some maps. (Basically, no island or destructible rocks bases here, but I may change that in a revision). The idea of the map is that the center provides a large, open battlefield that can be tricky to play on because of the ramps. That being said, it is difficult to contain an opponent because their third base can often be accessed, and even then there are destructible rocks that allow players to break contains directly from their natural, and that allow players two means of attacking the natural in late-game. The Xel-Naga watchtowers are where they are so that defensive scouting is encouraged, and so there is a way for forces coming up the hill to see up and attack forces on the top of the hill if they get too close.

I was a little hesitant about the high-yield placement (Considering making them low-yield and altering the center of the map for two high-yield expansions) but I think that their remoteness makes them hard to hold once you make the move to take them. I'd appreciate thoughts, comments, etc. You can download the map below.

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Jun 28 2010, 7:16 am UnholyUrine Post #2

I think the whole concept of the map is very well done.
I like it a lot!

It sort of forces people to pressure each other. A real rush fest. I think the rush distance is fine.

The only thing I could say is that you could've decorated the map a bit more. Especially in the middle. Try adding touches of different textures :D


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