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Text Trigger Editor
May 21 2010, 7:41 pm
By: 13Stallion  

May 21 2010, 7:41 pm 13Stallion Post #1

Press Ctrl + F11 while viewing triggers in your map to open the galaxy text Trigger editor.

-=How to use Custom Galaxy Scripts=-
1.Back up your map before attempting this.(please)

2.Write some Galaxy code

3.Hit The Compile Script button

4.Once you fix any errors, Save/export your .galaxy file

5.To use your galaxy script, Import the previously exported .galaxy file into your map via the import manager

6.Once you import the .galaxy script into your map rename the .galaxy file and press save.
-This overwrites the editor generated script, so whatever you had previously will be PERMANENTLY removed, therefore it is HIGHLY recommended that you make a backup of your map.

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