Ramp Imbalances!
Apr 10 2010, 1:49 am
By: Super Duper  

Apr 10 2010, 1:49 am Super Duper Post #1

Whenever I play melee, whether it be PvT or PvP (Not PvZ, because I usually do Bisu Build), I always noticed that there is a ramp imbalance.

Look at this picture.

Clearly, a probe or SCV can fit through and pass the zealot, right? It would take two zealots to block off the ramp completely or you would have to pull a probe (which is valuable mining time, especially at that time of game). Though, if you bought another zealot to block the ramp, that would cause a huge disturbance to your build order.

Now, look at THIS picture.

...One zealot blocks the ramp :-( . Compared to the previous ramp, where TWO zealots have to block the ramp, or one zealot and a probe.
Now, I know this may not seem like a "big deal", but it is, this is experience talking. I was going for a standard DT rush build order against a protoss, but I wanted to do a ZCore build order, I did NOT want to pull a probe off, since its that early, thats valuable mining time, especially since I went 11 - Gas.
He squeezed by my zealot and scouted that I went DTs.

Again, its a bigger deal than it seems. It's NOT just a thing that happens every 100 games, this happens sooo much, I would say once in every 3 games. Scouting is a huge deal in StarCraft (obviously) and that one ramp completely makes scouting "imbalanced" (Lol, that sounds funny).

Now you might say "But... You can just move the zealot down a little bit and it will block it off 100%!".
That doesnt always work. I try to do that. :dontgetit:
But heres a problem, if you move the zealot down, its on low ground and the scouting scv/probe will see that you blocked the ramp with your zealot, since its on low ground vision. So, the probe can just glitch by the zealot (which has happened to me dozens of times) and get in my main and scout. :flamer:
Again, you may say "Ciara, one probe at that time does not matter".
That's what a lot of D+ players say. It is incorrect, period. :-_-:

Anyways, now that I am done ranting, its time to do something about this "ramp" nonsense. Whenever we make maps, we need a ramp that can only be blocked by a single zealot. Everyone should start using these ramps if we find them. So what I REALLY am requesting, is a ramp that can be blocked by a single zealot.


Apr 10 2010, 1:58 am Aristocrat Post #2

They exist. Take a look at my jungle custom ramp (see post some terrain) for instance. That is exactly 1 matrix wide/tall, but with the flaw of being all high ground. Replacing dirt tiles with ramp tiles will fix that.


Apr 10 2010, 2:02 am Excalibur Post #3

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They already know, and this does not go here.

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Apr 19 2010, 9:48 pm Koltz Post #4

the first ramp is blockable by a single zealot :) (and itll be on high ground)
youre just putting the zealot in the wrong spot


Apr 20 2010, 9:04 pm Aristocrat Post #5

The second ramp is narrower, actually. Not by much, since it's designed to be as similar as possible (hence the blocky terrain), but it makes a difference if you're pushing up it with lings and trying to break a worker wall.


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[01:25 pm]
NudeRaider -- or do you need actual vision (not just revealing the terrain)
[01:24 pm]
NudeRaider -- youarenotworthy
youarenotworthy shouted: Does anybody know of a way to reveal just a sliver of the map? Smaller than what a map revealer would reveal? Or is there a way to block the map revealer off at a certain point? I can't use units to achieve what I'm trying to do.
if at the beginning of the game (as opposed to at some later time in game) is enough, just edit the fog of war layer.
[01:22 pm]
NudeRaider -- as an innocent bystander, mind you
[01:22 pm]
NudeRaider -- KrayZee
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and apparently you should follow that advice: https://streamable.com/u2jzoo -- crazy things going on over there. You're not even safe from police harassment on your own property.
[10:01 am]
Oh_Man -- Units and map revealers are only way. Unless there's some EUD solution I'm not aware of.
[09:57 am]
IlyaSnopchenko -- Oh_Man
Oh_Man shouted: You can also use burrowed Zerg units.
The OP says he cannot use units. But if it's not units, what else? (there's a command to reveal the area in AISE, but it's only for 1.16)
[09:51 am]
Oh_Man -- You can also use burrowed Zerg units.
[09:51 am]
Oh_Man -- Create a spidermine somewhere else, wait for it to burrow, then move it to your location you want to reveal before moving it back. That should achieve what you're after.
[05:39 am]
youarenotworthy -- (In SC:R*)
[05:38 am]
youarenotworthy -- Does anybody know of a way to reveal just a sliver of the map? Smaller than what a map revealer would reveal? Or is there a way to block the map revealer off at a certain point? I can't use units to achieve what I'm trying to do.
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