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Glitches Galore
Oct 31 2007, 12:10 am
By: modmaster50  

Oct 31 2007, 12:10 am modmaster50 Post #1

First of all, Im making a mod. Here is the information (it will be in my signature once I can afford one):

Starcraft: A New Age
Profile -
Subdomain -
Updated Pictures -
Mod Forum -

Here is a list of bugs that I cant seem to solve:

1. Random crash following the use of certain units. Some time after using certain units, the game crashes for no reason!

2. Zerg Crawler - When burrowed, the unburrow button doesnt appear (although I added it in FG) and move, patrol, and hold buttons stay (even though requirements show "not burrowed"). Also, the attack button (which i made require "is using tech - burrowing") doesnt appear.

3. Terran Starbase - When lifted off, it is still unable to move. Also, when I click "land", it doesnt show placement boxes like it should. Instead, it shows a marine! OMG?

4. Terran Avenger - A new problem! Ever since I set the graphics elevation in DatEdit to "air", the avenger has been encountering issues. It has got into a habit of randomly breaking out into seizures of rapid spinning!!! Sometimes it even spins while moving. The main problem is that when it stops spinning while its moving, sometimes it ends up facing the wrong way, thus causing it to fly backwards or sideways. When it does that, the game crashes!

Graphics: Firebat GRP with wraith iscript

5. Creep recede - the zerg overmind produces creep in my mod, however, when it dies, only the creep directly underneath it dissapears! All of the other creep that it created stays there!

Anyone have any ideas?


Oct 31 2007, 12:48 am who Post #2

Well, when you make a flying firebat (or other unit), there's not need to set the graphics elevation in air. Just make the shadow have a lower vertical position to make it appear to be higher. I don't think that's the problem though. You shouldn't just swap the iscript with another unit's script, because it can call unexistent frames and such and cause crashes. Just modify the firebat iscript, or paste the firebat iscript into whatever unit you're using and modify it. For things like the engines, just check in that unit's walking iscript and copy and paste the imgol. You'll get crashes for most engines because of the .lo? files and the placement of graphics. The iscripts of the engines can cause crashes as well if they don't work correctly with the graphic that is using it, because imgols follow the action of the main graphic. Also, if the engine has less frames than the main graphic, it may also crash.


Oct 31 2007, 3:48 am Durandal Post #3

He probably pasted the Wraith iscript in order to get the firebat to bob in the air when idle.

I hope you didn't copy the whole damn thing, because then that'd just be retarded.

FYI: Most times firebats crash when working with anything turret related, don't know why.


Oct 31 2007, 4:37 am modmaster50 Post #4

I didnt do anything turret related (and i can give a firebat a goliath turret). Yes, I did want the bobbing in air while idle. However, when elevation is set to ground, the firebat flys "under" buildings where it is not visible when hovering over a building. Why does the firebat spin anyways? The wraith has less frames than firebat.

Also, I cant seem to give the firebat an scv engine overlay while idle and a wraith engine overlay while moving. The game crashes!

Anyone have ideas why the game crashes shortly after using the Terran Harbinger's (my new unit's) "fortress mode"? Fortress mode works great! I even got it to be a resource depot and build SCVs fine, but shortly after, the game crashes.


Oct 31 2007, 4:46 am who Post #5

About some engines not working: if you read my earlier post, then you'd know why.
Set the ground elevation level to something higher than the elevation for the buildings, but still on ground level. I made a firebat fly once, and I never had that problem.
Check the iscripts for the engines, and you'll realize the SCV engine is missing an idle header. If you overlay the engine while your unit is idle, it'll obviously crash, because the overlay will jump to the idle header like the main graphic. The wraith engine will sometimes crash while moving, probably because of .lo? files. -_-
If your firebat is spinning, you must have screwed up some headers. Just restart the iscript from the firebat. The wraiths bob is just waitrands and setvertpos, and you don't need to paste from the wraith to do it.
We can't really tell you why your new unit crashes, because we don't have access to the iscript, grafting changes, and other things.


Oct 31 2007, 4:57 am modmaster50 Post #6

Thanks. So for SCV overlay, i should add an idle header? Also, I can actually write the Avenger (thats the jetpacker) iscript from the firebat. So thats what shvertpos was! I didnt know what that was before!


Oct 31 2007, 5:02 am who Post #7

use icecc 1.3, it has better bug detection on compile and has much easier headers.

for the scv overlay, you also need to add the code from the headers where it is active, so it'll play the frames (it uses engframeset i believe)
if your avenger is just a modded firebat, use that iscript.


Oct 31 2007, 5:09 am modmaster50 Post #8

The avenger uses the firebat GRP, but it is an air unit and attacks with a shotgun. IceCC1.3 says all of the iscript in the universe is a syntax error, even the included examples! IceCC1.3 sucks :lol: !

What do you mean edit the code where it is active?


Oct 31 2007, 6:53 am Durandal Post #9

Personally, I just use Ice.

I like the GUI interface better then text.


Oct 31 2007, 9:24 am ShadowFlare Post #10

Quote from modmaster50
The avenger uses the firebat GRP, but it is an air unit and attacks with a shotgun. IceCC1.3 says all of the iscript in the universe is a syntax error, even the included examples! IceCC1.3 sucks :lol: !

What do you mean edit the code where it is active?
That's only because I didn't bother updating any of the extra files that were originally included.


Nov 1 2007, 12:14 am modmaster50 Post #11

? What do you mean the extra files? It just says every line of my iscript is a syntax error (including the stuff I decompiled using 1.1 from blizzards iscript.bin).

Anyone have any ideas about the landing placement box showing a marine with no green or red? Or the flying building unable to move while lifted?


Nov 1 2007, 1:19 am modmaster50 Post #12

New Error: The mod refuses to let my unit work.

# Zerg Leviathan
IsId 413
Type 12
Init LeviInit
Death LeviDeath
GndAttkInit LeviAirAttkInit
AirAttkInit LeviAirAttkInit
SpAbility1 [NONE]
GndAttkRpt LeviAirAttkInit
AirAttkRpt LeviAirAttkInit
SpAbility2 [NONE]
GndAttkToIdle LeviGndAttkToIdle
AirAttkToIdle LeviGndAttkToIdle
SpAbility3 [NONE]
Walking LeviWalking
Other LeviOther
BurrowInit [NONE]
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- #

imgul09 953 0 42 # Leviathan Shadow
playfram 0x00 # frame set 0
goto LeviGndAttkToIdle

shvertpos 1
waitrand 8 10
shvertpos 2
waitrand 8 10
shvertpos 1
waitrand 8 10
shvertpos 0
waitrand 8 10
goto LeviGndAttkToIdle

playsnd 910 # Zerg\OVERLORD\ZOvDth00.WAV
imgol08 45 0 0 # OverlordDeath (zerg\zovDeath.grp)
wait 1

wait 1
attack25 2
wait 3
attack25 2
wait 3
attack25 2
wait 3
attack25 2
wait 3
attack25 2
wait 3
attack25 2
wait 3
goto LeviGndAttkToIdle

shvertpos 0
playfram 0x00 # frame set 0
wait 2
playfram 0x00 # frame set 0
wait 2

goto LeviGndAttkToIdle

The GRP is the sickel leviathan downloadable from maplantis.


Nov 1 2007, 2:20 am who Post #13

you're not even telling us what's the error...
and again, we can't find your errors if we don't have access to the mod, or what you changed.

IceCC 1.3 obviously won't compile 1.1 code, a lot of the syntax was changed.
What ShadowFlare meant by the examples not working was that the examples were from IceCC 1.3, and weren't changed with the new version. Therefore it's old syntax and won't compile.


Nov 2 2007, 12:13 am modmaster50 Post #14

The error is that the game refuses to let me build the unit using that GRP and iscript! OMG! I tried compressed GRP and uncompressed, but still, the game freezes on me. Im beginning to think something is wrong with that sickelleviathan GRP.


Nov 2 2007, 4:01 am who Post #15

is it that when you click the build button nothing happens, or does it crash?


Nov 2 2007, 4:27 am modmaster50 Post #16

The game freezes and I have to end task.


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