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  • "The Staff" is a very general term for anyone who works here.
  • Usually they are on the staff page, which you can find here.

Types of Staff
  • admin Administrator: The administration has authority over all matters SEN. While such uses of raw power are infrequent, and often unwise, administrators have the ability to make binding decisions and do whatever they want, when they want. They dictate policy and can change it as they see fit. They have access to any and all powers coded into SEN itself as well as the backend software running it. The extent of their powers is limited only by the extent of their coding abilities and efforts. Administrators are denoted by the icon next to their name.
  • Global Moderator: Global Moderators moderate every forum at SEN. Because of this, they are not listed explicitly as moderators. They can use any moderation power on the forums including, but not limited to, deleting posts/topics, editing posts/topics, removing avatars/titles/signatures, and suspending members. Unlike Administrators, they are bound to the limitations of SEN's code. Global Moderators are frequently found with permissions and responsibilities on other areas of the site, such as DLDB Management.
  • Database Keepers: These members are not explicitly marked but have power over various areas of SEN. They have management powers for various sections of SEN, such as the Wiki or DLDB. In their delegated sections, they approve, deny, edit, etc. the content within. Some of them may moderate other forums.
  • Forum Moderators: These members are the basic moderators of single or multiple forums where their names are listed. They can manage posts and topics in their forum, including editing, deletion, moving, and more. They directly communicate with the staff and may make appeals to Global Moderators or Administrators when additional powers are required. (eg, suspensions or bans)

About Staff
  • SEN values an effective and coordinated staff while frowning upon superfluous bureaucracy and conflict. SEN maintains high standards and is therefore extremely selective about the people who are staff. Each hiring decision is evaluated on a case-by-case basis; It is also typically done in private, behind the scenes. It is heavily frowned upon to ask for a staff position. A staff position should is not something that administrators are forced to concede against their will or against SEN's best interest because a member meets certain qualifications or criteria. Traditionally, we actively seek those whom we want to work for us and ask them to join us, rather than letting someone offer their services.
  • Staff members tend to be exemplary members. It helps to be a mature and respectable member of the community. A positive reputation and useful contributions will make you a good candidate for hiring. As you grow older and more respected, staff and administration are more likely to recognize you for it.
  • Knowledge and competence is power. Obviously someone who doesn't know what triggers are will not be selected to moderate the UMS forums. More than one UMS Assistance moderator was selected from someone who was providing a lot of answers and help. This even extends a bit beyond the scope of StarCraft - skills with web design and coding can be helpful to administrators seeking to code and debug.
  • Post in proper English. Communication skills are critical to keeping the staff coordinated. and effective.
  • You must seem willing to help. Helping people to the best of your ability has numerous benefits. You will improve your reputation, become more known for doing good, and demonstrate that you are a helpful person.
  • Dedication and commitment are required. We cannot hire someone who is of questionable activity or unreliable.

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[2022-11-26. : 9:47 pm]
Ultraviolet -- buncha convict descendants :P
[2022-11-26. : 5:40 pm]
Oh_Man -- then how come AUS doesnt do it
[2022-11-25. : 4:45 pm]
Fire_Kame -- because we're colonizers
[2022-11-25. : 4:45 pm]
jjf28 -- it's tradition
[2022-11-25. : 4:44 pm]
Nekron -- how come SEN only ever celebrates thanksgiving
[2022-11-25. : 2:21 pm]
Andrea Rosa -- :wob:
[2022-11-25. : 3:14 am]
lil-Inferno -- :wob:
[2022-11-24. : 11:13 pm]
Fire_Kame -- Voyager7456
Voyager7456 shouted: tl; dr that's why Kame is a regular despite not playing SC at all :P
I'm still waiting on my veteran's discount tbh
[2022-11-24. : 11:07 pm]
Fire_Kame -- :wob:
[2022-11-24. : 11:03 pm]
Roy -- Wow, it thought the comma was part of the URL. I meant this:
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