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List of Marker Tags

Marker Tags provide an easy query-level way to find files with a pending todo list.
todo:tags: Map needs proper tags.
todo:delete: Map needs review for deletion.

List of Standardized Tags

anti-hack not antihack, anti hack
bound not bounds
CTF not capture the flag
cat and mouse not cat and mice, cat n mice, cat n mouse, cats and mice, cats and mouse, cats n mice, cats n mouse
defense not defence
movie not video, film, flick
RPG not role playing game
single player not single-player
spells not spell
tactics not tactical
UMS not use map settings
zombie not zombies


1. Use Broad Category Tags.
Tags like 'ums' and 'melee' are absolutely critical to ums and melee files. When people search the database, the search engine will already parse these automatic tags. Tagging a map as both 'ums' and 'melee' is purposely misleading; to make it very simple, maps that are meant to be played with the MELEE (or similar) game mode should be tagged 'melee', and maps meant to be played using the USE MAP SETTINGS game mode should be tagged 'ums'. Is your map a melee campaign map with triggers? This is the ONE exception to this rule: the search engine is configured to use the tags 'melee' and 'melee style' to find these maps. I personally think it is bad form to ever tag a map both 'melee' and 'ums'.

Check the search parameters and predefined categories to make sure your uploads have the correct tags to be found!
Examples of terms for broad categories: "melee", "UMS", "defense", "RPG", "movie"

2. Separate tags with linebreaks, NOT COMMAS OR SPACES.
Very, very self-explanatory but it seems at least one in every ten files fails to do this. Since you can put spaces and punctuation in your tags, you MUST use linebreaks to separate two different tags.

3. Your map is not fun, or awesome, or funny.
We have a file rating and review system, in addition to a whole forum for discussing how awesome your maps are. It is utterly useless and a waste of database space (not to mention an incredible display of vanity), to use tags like 'awesome', 'cool', or 'funny' to describe your map. If you want to hint your movie is trying to be comedic, try something less biased and more professional, such as 'comedy'.

4. Use Standardized Tags.
Please use the nice list of standard tags enumerated above. They improve organization rather than having a map tagged with every variant of "cat and mouse" you can think of.

5. File Name, Author's Name, etc. should not be in the tags.
The search feature already compensates by searching for such information in the other fields of map data.

6. Do not Lock unecessarily.
It feels good to "lock" your maps up, but it can be deterimental to the community. Unless you have a serious reason to do so, please avoid locking your files. This way, people can correct your mistakes rather than waiting for a moderator to perhaps, in exasperation, tag your map as 'todo:tags'. To the rest of the community, feel free to use the marker tags listed above to bring attention to files needing it.

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