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Sunken Treasure
Starcraft: Shadow of Vengeance
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File Information
Uploaded on:Mar 9 2008, 11:02 pm
Uploaded by:Corbo
Author:Not Given.

File Contents
maps/SoV Maps/
maps/SoV Maps/(2)Sov - Asteroid.scx
maps/SoV Maps/(2)SoV - One Way Street.scx
maps/SoV Maps/(3)Sov-War of the Worlds.scx
maps/SoV Maps/(4)Glittering Field.scx
maps/SoV Maps/(4)SoV - Blood Bath (sorta).scx
maps/SoV Maps/(4)Sov - Corner.scx
maps/SoV Maps/(4)SoV - NWTR NWTH.scx
maps/SoV Maps/(4)Sov-Abyss.scx
maps/SoV Maps/(4)SoV-Shallow Rift.scx
maps/SoV Maps/(6)SoV - X in Space.scx
maps/SoV Maps/(6)SoV-TheTerribleTwo_s.scm
maps/SoV Maps/(8)SoV - Depths of Space.scx
maps/SoV Maps/(8)SoV - Mineral Shortage.scm
maps/SoV Maps/(8)SoV - Rogue Madness.scx
maps/SoV Maps/(8)SoV- Evolutions Madness.scx
maps/SoV Maps/(8)SoV-WarInTheMiddle.scm
File Description
This amazing total conversion was hosted on before it died.

The TC is about, well, Starwars in case you didn't notice. It takes place fully in space which makes it to require special maps in order to be played.
The good thing is that the .zip pack already comes with maps that can be used to play this.
If you're an Star Wars fan you'll definately like this one

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