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Sunken Treasure
Motif RP 1.9
Filename: Rp Motif 1.9.scx
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File Information
Uploaded on:Nov 10 2008, 11:09 pm
Uploaded by:Silent Vanguard


Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Created by GrayScale
Computer (Zerg)
Force 3
Force 4

File Description
+A new Space RP with a unique command ship system with exciting features.
-Unfortunately, not a very noob friendly map, so make sure you know the ropes first

This system and set up is new so please read below and/or the briefing to understand the map. Thanks...

- Command Ships
(All start in the center and are respawnable and selectable, shareable and recoverable from missing players who have left the game)

+ Tassadar Carrier
+ Corsair
+ Duke Siege Tank
+ Mensk Battlecruiser
+ Du'galle Battlecruider
+ Raynor Battlecruiser
+ KulkulzaMutalisk

- Command Ship Piloting
+ Controls located in the bottom part of the hulls as a control panel.
+ A player must bring a ground unit to these controls to fly the ship, allowing for co-piloting, sharing and the recovery of command ships from banned players or players who left the game.
+ If no one is at the controls, the ship is once again nuetral.
+ In games with less than a full house, all Command Ships can still be used (You can have more than one)

- Command Ship Reactors
+ Geysers in the Command Ship hulls are for CS Reactors
+ Reactor built must match the race of the Command Ship in order to function
+ Reactors can be sabotaged and repaired allowing new Roleplaying options
- Ships will not fly without a reactor of the proper race in place

- Load/Unload
+ Ground units to go a pad
+ Air units go to a hanger
+ Controls for loading/unloading are neutral, but are given to the player who occupies the hull.
+ Smaller Command Ships can board larger Command Ships
- Ships will not fly while in loading mode

- Command Ship Escape Pods // Respawn
+ Air units will appear where the Command Ship was before destruction, and the Command Ship will respawn in the center
+ If there was ground below the Command Ship before destruction, all ground units in the hull where appear there, and the Command Ship will respawn in the center

- Other
+ MC Spawn System
+ Space Terrain
+ Created by Silent Vanguard (GrayScale)
+ Should't be any problems as long as you're not an RP Noob and read the briefing or the above for help, or as long as you dont TRY to screw the game up because I have not made it fool proof, although been trying.
+ Many thanks to the testers

*Fixed//Fixed Bugs*
- Command ships are now neutral and not player 8
- Give to comp
- Set comp to Ally/Enemy
- Rally Comp
- Mineral spawns and Cryo Chamber spawn
- (Somewhere CS respawns stopped working)
- Coin toss near the rally comp to settle disputes between players
- Mortal now makes nuetral and computer units mortal as well
- Enlarged Mortal/Invince/Kill/Give to Computer Locations on all players spawners.
- CS Respawns are re-fixed.
- Infested Terran is now "[Target]"
- Spawner respawn after "Kill All" is now invincible.
- Kill now kills computer, but not neutral do to the risk of killing command ships.
- Could not find a way to have "Give-to-Player-" without bugging-up the entire command ship piloting system. Just use Mortal if it's invinced and then Mind Control units for now.

- A weird spawning glitch has been fixed
- Enemy comp now works both ways ;)
- Now labled as 1.8 not to cause confusion between versions

- Kill system upated
- Added a Cryo Chamber, Blockade and Pilot Seat spawn
- Lowered Command Ship armor to allow for conflict
- A little adjustment to the layout of the spawn area
- Fixed air units in place to prevent massing in the spawn area

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Silent Vanguard wrote on Nov 10 2008, 11:17 pm:
Probably still mehish, but better than before. - GrayScale

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