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(Campaign) Protoss Units sound pack
Filename: Protoss
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File Information
Uploaded on:Aug 5 2008, 3:32 am
Uploaded by:KrayZee

File Contents
Protoss Units/Dark Templar/
Protoss Units/Dark Templar/p2m10pdt.wav
Protoss Units/Dark Templar/p2m12pdt.wav
Protoss Units/High Templar/
Protoss Units/High Templar/b1b01pte.wav
Protoss Units/High Templar/b1m00pte.wav
Protoss Units/High Templar/p1m30pte.wav
Protoss Units/Zealot/
Protoss Units/Zealot/p1m10pze.wav
File Description
All of these transmissions are said by the three ground units in the Protoss campaign. Unfortunately, only the Zealot, High Templar and the Dark Templar had.

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