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Sunken Treasure
Cat and Mouse -Bound- EV
Filename: Cat and Mouse Bound EV1.5.scx
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File Information
Uploaded on:Jul 25 2020, 12:24 am
Uploaded by:Cerorec
Author:Not Given.


Mouse And Toys
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Created By -JKLASD11-
Computer (Terran)
Cats And Dogs
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Force 4

File Description
Map Description:
Created By -JKLASD11-
Epic Version 1.5 By -Cerorec-
Date: 7/25/2020

Originally Created by: JKLASD11
Edited by: Cerorec
Version (Latest): EV1.5
Version Date (Latest): 7/25/2020

My Story:
Ah yes... CnM Bound. You guys know who JKLASD11 is? Apparently from one guy I met recently online he was buds with beBoy back in the day, like the ol days. Yea I met the guy JKLASD11 before back in the day too. I have an extremely rare CnM map from him, called CnM Age which was never finished it seemed. It was only hosted a few times in 2009, then I never saw it again. Yea, it was 2009 JKLASD11 was on. That was how I obtained CnM Age because JKLASD11 hosted that game and I joined, which I got two maps of CnM Age. Idk when I first met him as it was a long time ago, but I'm sure I ran into him in CnM Jungle and other maps. CnM Bound, however, I never played it in the wild. My first time I encountered this map was on the internet. I downloaded it and played it. It was buggy. It was weird. The bounds were not easy. For a long time I thought the map was finished, beyond beta, but I was dead wrong. I did play it a few times throughout 2017 to 2019, and even before that too, but it was not until 2020 when I played it again, I realized that the map had glaring bugs which tempted me to try to fix this map, plus I was curious how this map was fully played. So, the project began. It took me at least 5 days to finish this. Oh yes this map was beyond broken as I had originally thought. There was another map on the internet called, "Cat and Mouse -Bound- Fixed.scx" which said, "Fixed," and it mislead a ton of people including me and other pro players into thinking someone "fixed" it. "Fixed" was not the right word for that map. The edited map was an anonymous noob edit which didn't even fix the map, none of it. It just did some small noob edits that mislead a lot of us. Now that I got to play the so-called "Fixed" version a few times I realized it still had many bugs. I looked into the "Fixed" map and realized it was not even fixed, but as buggy as the original with just a few edits. After I finished fixing the original map, the bug count fixed was over 30! Oh yes I fixed over 30 bugs in this map, dozens of major ones included. What was most broken of all was the spells, and it was unfinished. I realized that only fixing it was not going to do it justice for this map. I had to edit, revamp, and finish this map. I finally finished the spells and fixed a ton of bugs surrounding it. I added Easy Mode/Hard Mode because a ton of people who join don't know how to bound. I added a whole bunch of other things too which you can see in the patch notes if you want. In the end, this was my biggest fixed map yet. Usually I encounter around 3-10 bugs when I fix a CnM map, but never 30-35 bugs! Wow. Maybe JKLASD11 never finished this map, who knows. Seems like nobody else had any other version of this map except the first one called, "Cat and Mouse Bound.scx" which was what my fixed version was based upon, and, "Cat and Mouse -Bound- Fixed.scx" which was the noob edit that had even more bugs than the original. After fixing the map and revamping it, was it still fun to play? Imo not really. It was a weird one. It's hard to come up with a custom UMS map where you combine Cat and Mouse and Bound, and JKLASD11 tried to do just that with this map which I applaud him for trying. It was an interesting concept, and possibly hard to pull off to make a fun one. JKLASD11 was a bounder, and a Cat and Mouser, and so he thought about combining the two together, and eventually he made this map. He also made Bound maps too. Was it the first CnM x Bound map? Who knows, but I do know that JKLASD11 wasn't the only one trying to combine these two completely different areas of gameplay. I have another unfinished Cat and Mouse x Bound map which I got from Machinist. How the heck did he obtain that map we may never know, and he hasn't been back for awhile and maybe never, so I can't ask him now. Well, this is getting lengthy, so I'll end it just that. JKLASD11 will probably never come back and I never saw him online through 2017 to now. Finally, the map gets the fixes and edits it deserves (by me), making it probably the first properly finished and comfortably playable CnM x Bound map ever.

Went to check my documents on JKLASD11 and he also made CnM Hunt. I totally forgot how I got CnM Hunt, but I probably got it from JKLASD11 too from the wild online because the date modified on them is 2009. Got two versions of it. Wow.

Patch Notes:

If you're interested, here is the original map:

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