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Sunken Treasure
(RISK) Europe
Filename: RISK Europe 1.99853.scx
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File Information
Uploaded on:Feb 28 2019, 9:06 am
Uploaded by:yamatoclan

Tileset:Ice World

RISK: Europe
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Force 2
Force 3
By yamatoclan
Computer (Protoss)

File Description
(RISK): Europe

by yamatoclan
based on classic map by Shadowmeld & TheNevermind

(This is the ICE TILESET version of this map)

This is the same as the other version of my "RISK: Europe" map, just with different terrain.

Please note that this Risk map includes a masser;
To use your masser, simply move your observer to where you want to attack on the map, and then move your probe either right or left to activate it.

You can choose either "local" or "all" units by moving your probe either left or right. Doing so will cause either all of your units to attack-move to the observer, or just those which are in the nearby vicinity of the observer.

As everyone has different opinions on what they prefer in risk maps, please feel free to modify it to your liking.

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Ultraviolet -- buncha convict descendants :P
[2022-11-26. : 5:40 pm]
Oh_Man -- then how come AUS doesnt do it
[2022-11-25. : 4:45 pm]
Fire_Kame -- because we're colonizers
[2022-11-25. : 4:45 pm]
jjf28 -- it's tradition
[2022-11-25. : 4:44 pm]
Nekron -- how come SEN only ever celebrates thanksgiving
[2022-11-25. : 2:21 pm]
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[2022-11-24. : 11:13 pm]
Fire_Kame -- Voyager7456
Voyager7456 shouted: tl; dr that's why Kame is a regular despite not playing SC at all :P
I'm still waiting on my veteran's discount tbh
[2022-11-24. : 11:07 pm]
Fire_Kame -- :wob:
[2022-11-24. : 11:03 pm]
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