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Sunken Treasure
Modified Cerebrate
Filename: Shinny
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File Information
Uploaded on:May 26 2016, 3:40 pm
Uploaded by:Rawflesh0615

File Contents
Shinny Zasz/portrait/
Shinny Zasz/portrait/UZasz/
Shinny Zasz/portrait/UZasz/Fid00.smk
Shinny Zasz/portrait/UZasz/fid01.smk
Shinny Zasz/portrait/UZasz/fid02.smk
Shinny Zasz/portrait/UZasz/tlk00.smk
Shinny Zasz/portrait/UZasz/tlk01.smk
Shinny Zasz/portrait/UZasz/tlk02.smk
File Description
I don't know who made it from. But, could you comment below for the REAL author name?

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CaptainWill -- I saw the same...
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UndeadStar -- Ultraviolet
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On my browser, animations are disabled by default, and somehow, those :wob: ended up not aligned, like they're doing a wave. Didn't happen with MTiger156
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