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Sunken Treasure
Marauder's Revel
Filename: Mar Revel 1.0b.scx
Filesize: 290.42KB


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File Information
Uploaded on:Jul 18 2013, 7:55 am
Uploaded by:MetalGear
Author:Not Given.


Version 1.0b
Computer (Protoss)
File size: 290 KB
Computer (Protoss)
Defenders of the South
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Defenders of the North
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)

File Description
This map is a team versus team hero battle, based off Temple Siege and DoTA. Choose from 11 heroes, each defined by their own unique abilities. Level up your hero and rummage through the enemy defenses!

Access the thread for Marauder's Revel here.

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MetalGear wrote on Jul 30 2013, 9:09 pm:
Yeah it is, finished product!

Devourer wrote on Jul 28 2013, 1:37 pm:
Isn't this the map we tested? :)
If so, this is pretty well done!
People should give it a try!

[04:22 pm]
ubtrueblue -- hello
[2023-9-26. : 5:26 pm]
Ultraviolet -- Imp UV3 is actually in the works with some major changes, but it's been slow going. I'd like to have a version of Imp UV for every tileset at one point.. hopefully it doesn't take until 2030 :P
[2023-9-26. : 5:25 pm]
Ultraviolet -- nukes).* lol
[2023-9-26. : 5:24 pm]
Ultraviolet -- NudeRaider
NudeRaider shouted: UV how far are you with imp UV2? is it already better than the first map? Fully playable?
Oh definitely fully playable. I used the first map as the shell, so it was basically complete from the first release. I've made some tweaks and improvements here and there based on nuances between the maps, like UV2 has more air units so certain ground-focused heroes like Psycho and Shadowcraft have needed some buffing. Other improvements have been little bug fixes or ways of stopping cheese strategies (like the bosses now spawn in a random location instead of at their lair so players can't just camp them with nukes. UV2 is definitely harder despite only being 4 levels + boss fight instead of 5. I'd say it's definitely worth a go, there's some unique mechanics that make each of the levels have kind of their own interesting spin
[2023-9-26. : 4:13 pm]
NudeRaider -- UV how far are you with imp UV2? is it already better than the first map? Fully playable?
[2023-9-26. : 4:10 pm]
Zoan -- hello
[2023-9-26. : 1:58 pm]
aluVrt -- hello
[2023-9-25. : 1:09 pm]
Ultraviolet -- :lol:
[2023-9-25. : 12:51 pm]
UndeadStar -- After checking his posts, I'm in awe in front of that fantastically varied vocabulary
[2023-9-25. : 8:40 am]
Keaton -- nice
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