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Sunken Treasure
The Fall Of Reach §
Filename: Halo T[1].F.O.R SE 3.2.4.scx
Filesize: 702.75KB


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File Information
Uploaded on:Dec 27 2012, 6:50 pm
Uploaded by:Oh_Man
Author:Not Given.

Tileset:Ice World

SPARTAN II Taskforce
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
UNSC Forces 
Computer (Zerg)
Ver. Date: 04/15/06
Computer (Protoss)
File Size: 701kbs
Computer (Zerg)

File Description
Halo - The Fall of Reach

This is an oldish (2006) map I found in my maps folder, it was fun back in the day.

Basically it is a Raccoon City clone, with a coat of Halo paint. Also comes with custom bullet sounds on unit death and looping halo soundtrack.

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[10:57 pm]
lil-Inferno -- That's legit the only other map trailer I can think of, also by Tux
[10:56 pm]
lil-Inferno -- A&O Saga?
[08:44 pm]
youarenotworthy -- The trailer in question uses that exact music I linked. In fact, it's the main reason I remember it at all, because originally I was thinking it was a Matrix map, but I think it only used that music and that's why i thought that.
[08:43 pm]
youarenotworthy -- Thanks NudeRaider, I found that, it's not it.
[08:25 pm]
NudeRaider -- youarenotworthy
youarenotworthy shouted: If anyone remembers though, the map/trailer for his map used this music: ""
the music is not exactly the same, so I'm not sure if it's another piece entirely or just another version but maybe this is it? this would be the trailer to Tuxedo-Templar's Rush map.
[07:48 pm]
youarenotworthy -- If anyone remembers though, the map/trailer for his map used this music: ""
[07:46 pm]
youarenotworthy -- Thanks lil-inferno... I'm not sure if it was tuxedo templar. I remember his stuff being good too, but I can't find the trailer the guy made. I might be mistaken about his name. Either way, thanks. I'm gonna give up on trying to find it XD
[06:40 pm]
Zycorax -- :wob:
[12:51 pm]
KrayZee -- :wob:
[2020-5-28. : 3:06 am]
KlaSsicaL -- thank you
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