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SCXE 2.6 for Vista/7
Filename: SCXE_2.6_for_Vista_7.exe
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Uploaded on:Sep 8 2012, 5:57 pm
Uploaded by:ReaL.DeMoN-
Author:Not Given.
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SCXE(Starcraft X-tra Editor) 2.6 for Vista/7

## You should set the path to the folder where you installed the StarCraft.

## Design/Modified By Lim Dongho ( a.k.a DevSec, RD )
## Bug Report :
## //

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SCRuler wrote on Mar 5 2015, 3:47 am:
Storm.dll is missing. where do I find it?

[04:51 pm]
ErGen -- I don't launching a game.
[01:39 pm]
Suicidal Insanity -- I think it won't launch while the game is open
[11:13 am]
ErGen -- But i'm have a little problem. StarEdit don't launched. StarCraft: Remastered, Windows 10 64-bit
[11:07 am]
ErGen -- Hello everyone. I'm wanted a earlier warning, my english knowlenge is bad. Then i can sometimes say something in don't understanding form.
[03:54 am]
sigsaucy -- just tested it, you were right, so awesome!!!!!!
[01:08 am]
sigsaucy -- thanks! ill give this a try tonight
[11:20 pm]
Ultraviolet -- Well, that's not true for all changes. Some changes will be seen immediately without having to create a new unit (I think changing a unit's weapon updates immediately), but I believe changes to unit properties are one of the ones that require units to be created after the EUD trigger has already run.
[11:16 pm]
Ultraviolet -- I believe you need to recreate Zeratul after the map has loaded because EUD edits don't take effect until after the first trigger cycle
[2018-8-16. : 3:30 am]
sigsaucy -- other things like setting detection/weapons are working though
[2018-8-16. : 3:28 am]
sigsaucy -- wait i lied, unchecked permanent cloaking and zeratul still not detectable
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