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Sunken Treasure
Z7) The Culling
Filename: Zerg 7.scm
Filesize: 843.19KB


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File Information
Uploaded on:Aug 26 2012, 2:51 pm
Uploaded by:StratosTygo
Author:Not Given.

Tileset:Ash World

Zerg Swarm
Human (Terran)
Computer (Terran)
Shane's mom
Computer (Terran)
Also Shane's mom
Ben's mom
Rescuable (Protoss)
Rescuable (Protoss)
Rescuable (Protoss)
Rescuable (Protoss)
Rescuable (Protoss)

File Description
No description available.

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[12:29 am]
ProtoTank -- I agree, I think that SC:R is actually just a skin on top of everything
[11:56 pm]
Ultraviolet -- I believe if you're playing a version of SCBW that is compatible with, it will apply to you either way, but I'm not certain of that.
[11:05 pm]
ProtoTank -- unless it doesn't matter
[11:05 pm]
ProtoTank -- I actually don't have SCR installed
[10:52 pm]
Ultraviolet -- Sure thing. Another tidbit, if you're interested in using EUD Editor 2, you need to download a copy of SCBW version 1.16.1 and link EUD Editor 2 up to the StarDat.mpq BrooDat.mpq and patch_rt.mpq from that copy since Blizzard recently decided to get rid of those mpqs from the current version of SC:R
[10:04 pm]
ProtoTank -- I'm sure that's old news, but thanks for sharing
[05:53 pm]
Ultraviolet -- It's definitely not quite as expansive in possibility as modding, but it kind of feels like a hybrid of modding and mapping while retaining the ability to play on
[05:52 pm]
Ultraviolet -- EUD Editor 2 is what I like to use
[05:51 pm]
Ultraviolet -- A while back Blizzard made an EUD emulator that allows many EUD actions to be used as well as conditions while avoiding the inherent risks of allowing users to modify memory
[05:24 pm]
ProtoTank -- I didn't think you could have EUD actions, I thought only EUD conditions were enabled
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