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Sunken Treasure
Jack Storm(Portrait)
Filename: Jack
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Uploaded on:Jul 4 2012, 5:07 am
Uploaded by:L Lawliet
Author:Not Given.

File Contents
Jack Storm/
Jack Storm/tphfid00.smk
Jack Storm/tphfid01.smk
Jack Storm/tphfid02.smk
Jack Storm/tphtlk00.smk
Jack Storm/tphtlk01.smk
Jack Storm/tphtlk02.smk
File Description
No description available.

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[04:01 am]
RIVE -- The significance is lessened by the probability of future RE titles ignoring either conclusion in favor of a rewrite anyway.
[03:59 am]
RIVE -- Mia's on the Chopper vs Mia's not on the Chopper.
[07:33 pm]
KrayZee -- RIVE
RIVE shouted: Also, what was the point of choosing between Mia or Zoe when there's no pay-off?
There is payoff since there are different endings.
[04:10 pm]
RIVE -- CV is stupid hard. (Those red hunters..) If that was remade, Capcom would water it down too much.
[04:08 pm]
RIVE -- Also, what was the point of choosing between Mia or Zoe when there's no pay-off?
[04:08 pm]
RIVE -- RE5 felt like a chore. 7's alright except the Eveline fight is a blander rehashed of Carla from 6 which is sad bc 6 was terrible.
[04:00 pm]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- Zycorax
Zycorax shouted: Their names makes absolutely no sense.
1, 360, 1, 10. what's not to follow?
[02:22 pm]
Dem0n -- RE7 was actually fun AF tho. Pretty spooky too.
[12:48 pm]
Zycorax -- Their names makes absolutely no sense.
[10:50 am]
KrayZee -- Xbox Series X. Microsoft is just weird at naming things. They’re good at code names until they reveal the real names.
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