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Sunken Treasure
Diplomacy / Civilization Terrain
Filename: Dplomacy Terrain 02 (192 X 192).scm
Filesize: 122.49KB


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File Information
Uploaded on:May 15 2012, 7:18 am
Uploaded by:Tempz
Author:Not Given.


Force 1
Rescuable (Zerg)
Rescuable (Terran)
Rescuable (Protoss)
Rescuable (Zerg)
Rescuable (Terran)
Rescuable (Protoss)
Rescuable (Zerg)
Rescuable (Terran)
Force 2
Force 3
Force 4

File Description
Distribute and alter as long as you give credit to the original creator (Tempz)

-I played many diplo/civ maps and the first thing i wanted to have in this map was pretty terrain while not making it such a mass fest. I built the map kind of tight because in some diplo maps when its way to open people easily mass... Although this makes it easier to turtle it built that way so that you can turtle or get mass air; Keep it mind to keep the air units cheap when making your map. I also left out a lot of decoration for balance issues... Since i don't know what kind of your map your making i decide just to let you decorate with the normal map doodads.

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