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Sunken Treasure
Aetherflame Lord
Filename: Aetherflame
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File Information
Uploaded on:Apr 8 2008, 1:00 pm
Uploaded by:Lord Agamemnon

File Contents
Aetherflame Lord/Aetherflame Lord Scripts+images.dat/
Aetherflame Lord/Aetherflame Lord Scripts+images.dat/Aether Wisp.txt
Aetherflame Lord/Aetherflame Lord Scripts+images.dat/Archon Energy.txt
Aetherflame Lord/Aetherflame Lord Scripts+images.dat/Dark Archon Being.txt
Aetherflame Lord/Aetherflame Lord Scripts+images.dat/Dreamfire Sigil Flame.txt
Aetherflame Lord/Aetherflame Lord Scripts+images.dat/Dreamfire Sigil Shot.txt
Aetherflame Lord/Aetherflame Lord Scripts+images.dat/Flame Trail Flame.txt
Aetherflame Lord/Aetherflame Lord Scripts+images.dat/Flame Trail.txt
Aetherflame Lord/Aetherflame Lord Scripts+images.dat/images.dat
Aetherflame Lord/Aetherflame Lord Scripts+images.dat/Kinetic Comet.txt
Aetherflame Lord/Aetherflame Lord Scripts+images.dat/Notes.txt
Aetherflame Lord/Aetherflame Lord Scripts+images.dat/Starfall Whip.txt
Aetherflame Lord/Aetherflame Lord.exe
Aetherflame Lord/Aetherflame Lord.txt
File Description
Winner of the 2006 Staredit Minimod Contest
A mod that converts the Dark Archon into the Aetherflame Lord, a unit of great power. The scripts used are available as a separate file for anyone who wishes to see them.

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[03:09 am]
RdeRenato -- with weapon* i need a medic with grenade launcher
[03:09 am]
RdeRenato -- x2
[02:48 am]
youarenotworthy -- Is there a post somewhere that details how to get started with EUD?
[02:47 am]
youarenotworthy -- I looked at the AI ability requirements you sent me before, but I don't really understand any of it.
[02:41 am]
Roy -- Or do you mean giving the medic a weapon?
[02:37 am]
Roy -- It would be easier to just meet the AI requirements:
[02:32 am]
RdeRenato -- Is it possible to make the medic attack with EUD?
[02:22 am]
Roy -- For some reason I have the ability to check it via condition in EUDGen but not set it with an action, so I'm guessing at least some of them don't work as expected as EUD actions. Or I'm just bad and forgot to include them.
[02:18 am]
Roy -- I'm not sure if all of them work, but the offsets are 0x116 for the ensnare timer and 0x123 for whether or not the unit is blind.
[02:18 am]
Roy -- If you know the index ID of the unit, you could try setting the appropriate flags in memory with EUDs:
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