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Sunken Treasure
Desert Strike Angel 6.98s
Filename: [Desert Strike Angle 6.98s.scx
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File Information
Uploaded on:May 12 2012, 11:05 pm
Uploaded by:ilovedsa


Human ()
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[SC_1.18]: 2017-01-01
Computer (Protoss)
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Lost_Angel QQ:569445862
Computer (Protoss)

File Description
A super and especial ds's edition from China which is extended to love by Lost_Angel, and it has many fans as the most popular rpg in China.

You may be familiar to others ds's version, and in a sense, this version from China is mostly the same in play, you also need resources to create various buildings which will cause different and corresponding units to spawn and the computer will command them to battle, the mission objective is also destroy your opponent's temple. But if it is just these, I don't need make this post. Because the dsa has own distinguishing features, and maybe it is more complicated so that you may have some troubles in mastering it. And then, it is time to explain it through the detailedly tutorial in some sections below. It controls 4 maps: 1 basic version,3 ai's versions,1 control version

Desert Stirke Angel 6.98s

Welcome to dsa Bar (Official website,百度dsa吧)

Game Live: Watch dsa TV

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