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Sunken Treasure
Classic Cat n Mouse Jungle 2
Filename: Classic Cat n Mouse 2.scx
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File Information
Uploaded on:Apr 24 2012, 6:31 pm
Uploaded by:Mouse
Author:Not Given.


Random Cat / Mice Players
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Neutral (Zerg)
Force 4

File Description
Classic Cat n Mouse 2 vFINAL
By beBoy@USEast (Helped by ki_mkt @ USEast)

The most balanced Cat n Mouse Jungle map to date until May 4th when StupidFred @ USEast (Me) releases the 3rd and final version.


Cat Spells:
All Seeing Eye (1) - Protoss Observer (If you get another Dark Templar, then this will automatically turn into a Monkey Vessel (1+1))
Monkey Vessel (1+1)* - Science Vessel
Queen (1+1)* - Zerg Queen (This Queens' Spawn Broodlings turn into Zackers! (Infested Terrans) for balancing issues in the original)
Baby Cat (3+1)* - Torrasque (Ultralisk)
Speedy Interceptor (1) - Protoss Corsair (You can use Disruption Web and it will create a Meltdown at that location)
Meltdown (2) - Slowly lowers hp of everything around the Cat until it is destroyed at the end of 10 seconds
Kill All Buildings (3) - Kills all Mice' buildings
100 Minerals (1+1)* - Give you 100 Minerals for upgrades
BB Mode (3) - An Overlord that drops Infested Terrans around the map randomly. These Infested Terrans only kill buildings. The Overlord can be killed as well (Probably by Missile Turrets or Dragoons)
2 Jail Guards (1) - Places 2 Sunken Colonies in the middle of the map (Easiest way to counter is with 6 Zerglings for Mice)
Burn 25% Mice Money (1) - Burns 25% of the Mice' Money
Burn Base Minerals (2+1) - Burns 1 Mineral Patch from each base.
Rigged Ball (14) - A fun Dark Archon spell to use if you have been completely destroying your opponents that lets you Mind Control the enemies' units.

*(_+1) means that you must have 1 extra Dark Templar instead of paying that extra Dark Templar.


Mouse Spells:
Stupid Jeremy (Protoss High Templar): 25 Minerals
Toggle Rally Mode: 1 Mineral (Orders the SCVs you buy to your Mouse)
Stupid Devin (Devouring One): 50 Minerals
Stupid Fred (SCV): 25 Minerals
Mouse Hole (Terran Civilian): 150 Minerals
Stupid Jason (Protoss Reaver): 200 Minerals
Wicked Alex (Protoss Zealot): 150 Minerals
Second Mouse (2 Max): 550 Minerals
Restore Base Minerals: 600 Minerals
Transfer Money: FREE (Transfers Money to your Allies)
Transfer Ownership: FREE (Transfers all of your units to a dead Ally)

**There are secrets in this version as well as the original. There is a different way to get heroes, and other units. Try killing the Brown air units with people that helped with the maps' name on it and see what you get. The Cat can get units such as another Cat, a Queen (1+1), a Monkey Vessel (1+1), 75 Minerals, 150 Minerals, or even get BB Mode (3). A Mouse can get a Drone, another Mouse, a Stupid Fred, 200 Minerals, BB Mode (3), a Cat Queen, a Rigged Ball (14), and a Cat Vessel. There's even a secret for Mice to mind control the air units without the Rigged Ball, but figure it out for yourself!

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