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Sunken Treasure
Pokemon: Quest for Moltres
Filename: Pokemon_MoltresQuestv1.2.scx
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File Information
Uploaded on:Mar 19 2010, 5:33 pm
Uploaded by:Pieh

Tileset:Ash World

Pokemon Trainers
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Force 2
Wild Pokemon
Computer (Terran)
Force 4
Neutral (Protoss)
Neutral (Zerg)
Neutral (Zerg)

File Description
Search through the mysterious Lava Caves for the Legendary Bird Moltres. Fight off Wild Pokemon while gathering items and experience to aid you in your Quest. This is not intended to emulate the original Pokemon games, though it uses them for the theme. You can encounter random Pokemon, evolve your Pokemon, and use a few familiar items, but the battles are real-time melees and you need to be careful not to acquire too many enemies.

Some tips:
- The store/evolution center is to the left of town.
- You need to use your Civilian to pick up items, use the pokeflute, active buildings.
- Your Pokemon can die. If you run out of Pokemon, you may select another Starter and try again.
- You may only have 1 Starter at a time, you will only have the chance to catch the same Pokemon 4 times (Exceptions are: Snolax is only 2 times, and Moltres only 1).

Updated to version 1.1: Fixed Bulbasaur hp, victory trigger, and Moltres double spawn.
1.2 Fixed a glitch with 1 of the item balls. Finally got Moltres spawn right. Dumb mistakes.

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You also could use special characters or something that excel doesn't normally use (nor function based off of), and then do a replace all once you turn it back into text form. Though im sure thats nothing new.
[03:25 am]
sraw531 -- Lanthanide
Lanthanide shouted: use ='text here ' & A1 & ' finishing text' to get excel to reference the content of another cell (in this case A1) as plain text within another fragment of plain text
thanks Lanthanide, I never thought to use excel. It will probably still be difficult since its not just the conditions changing, but also the actions in a non-standard way (picture-based). Still, it will probably save some time.
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