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Last Legion - Brittania v1.1
Filename: Last Legion - Brittania 1.1.scx
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Uploaded on:Nov 8 2009, 1:11 am
Uploaded by:Black Knight
Author:Not Given.


Romano-British Legion
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Intact Productions
Computer (Terran)

File Description
Last Legion
Clan Shu / Intact Productions
Rome has long abandoned its British lands leaving a power vacuum years of skirmishes with the Celts and conflict with the Saxons has weakened the Romano-British legion left to defend. With the Saxons launching a full campaign into Britain maybe this is the time for the Celts to reclaim their land from the Romans...
Created by : GongsunZan-WR-
Updated/Approved Version by : Black_Knight

Objective :
Romano British : Hold Londinium and York until timer reaches 0
Celts / Saxons : Take Londinium and York before timer reaches 0 and before other barbarian force does

Unique Siege Map set up with :
Three defending players, Romano-British Legion
Two invaders from the South/Sea : Saxons
Two native inhabits of England raiding from North : Celts

Top right corner :
- Move probe to use hero special attack
- Celtic and Saxon shops
- Masser menu

Features :
- Achievement system
- Celtic / Saxon shop
- Hero special attacks

Hero Units :
Artorius [Dark Templar] : Roman Dux(General) and claimed kingship of a Roman abandoned England. He wields a sword known as Excalibur. It is suggested in history that he is the historical basis for King Arthur.
Carausius [Dark Templar] : A Roman Centurion(Officer) he serves under Artorius. However he has plans to further himself... he is the most durable out of the 3 Roman heroes. His special summons his guard for a short period of time.
Maximus [Dark Templar] : Sergeant of Arms serving under Artorius, a very loyal officer. His special is ordering a volley of arrows to rain upon his enemies.
Theodoric [Archon] : One of the Saxon Warchiefs, his spear can pierce through normal warriors easily. Theodoric has extended range and splash damage.
Adalwolf [Ultralisk] : One of the Saxon Warchiefs, his name means "Noble Wolf". He wields a great two handed sword, he can break Roman lines with ease and shakes off arrows like they are nothing.
Drest [Hydralisk] : One of the Celtic Warchiefs, he wields a weapon known as "Drake's Bain" which does splash damage and can rip through Roman lines.
Talroc [Vulture] : One of the Celtic Warchiefs, he wields a light axe, he is swift and deadly but however he is the least durable hero in the game.

"Lesser" Heroes (Heroes weaker than the normal six and have no special) :
Lancelot [Goliath] : One of the most valiant of the Graal Knights, Artorius's friend and loyal vassal.
Marinus [Archon] : Romano-British Tesserarius, he is stationed on Hadrian's Wall, has splash damage however is not highly armored.
Iovita [Vulture] : Carausius's second in command, he is fiercely loyal, he is mounted and is very quick but aside from that he isn't too impressive as a hero.
Gerulf [Marine] : Saxon great warrior, has longer range than melee units but less range than archers.
Sigismund [Ghost] : Saxon great warrior, uses a bow and acts as a range hero.
Brian [Siege Tank] : Celtic great warrior, has decent range and is resistant to archer arrows but does not fight well versus other heroes or smaller units.
Drustan [Ghost] : Celtic great warrior, a long ranged hero with low hp but high damage.

Roman Units :
British Legionnaire [Zealot] : Standard Roman infantry unit, they have high defense.
Limitanei [Firebat] : Frontline Roman infantry unit, they have lower defense, hp, and damage than the British Legionnaire however they have splash and a longer range of attack.
Archer Auxilia [Ghost] : Basic Roman archer unit, more armored than the barbarian archers, they also have a decent range.
Fortress Archer [Ghost] : Roman elite unit, normally immobile archers that are placed in defensive points or towers. Fortress Archers have a bit more hp/armor than normal archers but their damage is high.
Duplicarius [Dragoon] : Roman elite unit, an low officer with twice the pay of a normal troop. They have more armor and damage than most Roman units.
Graal Knight [High Templar] : Roman elite unit. Grail Knights, slow but stronger in almost all ways than normal British Legionnaire.
Scorpion [Lurker] : Roman elite unit. Roman siege weapon, does splash damage, however there are only two on the map and they will probably be destroyed early game, the Romans in the villages in the North deployed them to repel the Celtic invaders.

Barbarian Common Units :
Warrior [Zergling] : Basic barbarian infantry unit, can easily swarm enemies.
Warleader [Zergling] : Tier 1.5 barbarian infantry unit, stronger and faster than the normal warrior.

Saxon Units :
Saxon Hunter [Hydralisk] : Basic Saxon archer, not very strong.
Saxon Kneel [Broodling] : Tier 1.5 Saxon infantry unit, they are stronger and faster than normal warriors.
Raider Captain [Ghost] : Saxon elite range unit, they can attack from afar and can break enemy archer lines, also useful to attack enemy heroes from afar.
Hearth Warrior [Ultralisk] : Saxon elite infantry unit, strong and great tankers however due to they're size their not good in crowded areas. They are very resilient to arrows.
Saxon Shaman [High Templar] : Can call upon the Pagan gods to break the enemy lines (storm) and make illusions of allied units. It's storm is a bit stronger than the Celtic Druids.
Saxon Builder [Drone] : Used to repair the Saxon third ship which enables more spawn for Saxon forces.
Ladder Carrier [Overlord] : Used to set up ladders on the Coastal Gate.

Celtic Units :
Celtic Kern [Marine] : Basic Celtic range unit, has highest endurance out of the three basic archers of the three forces.
Celtic Druid [Infested Kerrigan] : Celtic elite caster unit, can call upon storms to break enemy lines as well as slowing enemy movement they are not bad for melee combat however it's not recommended to send them to fight.
Gallowglass [Firebat] : Celtic elite infantry unit, they have somewhat good armor and can break tightly packed enemy forces.
Scotti Chariot [Dragoon] : Celtic elite mounted archer unit, somewhat fast and resilient unlike other archer units.
Hound of Culann {Berserker} [Zealot] : Celtic elite unit. Berserkers who rip through the field of battle with their great strength, they charge into battle with great zeal and are the strongest non-hero unit in the game.
Siege Tower [Reaver] : Used like ladders except carrying almost a dozen units each time, used on Hadrian's Wall.

Version 1.1 updates :
- More achievements for all factions
- Added "lesser" heroes
- Added Roman Elite unit : "Duplicarius"
- Balancing
- Centurion Guard abuse glitch fixed
- Fixed mind control bug/glitch

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