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Sunken Treasure
Moose Hunt!
Filename: Moose Hunt.scx
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File Information
Uploaded on:Aug 16 2009, 11:53 pm
Uploaded by:lil-Inferno

Tileset:Ice World

Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
Hunter Encampment
Computer (Zerg)
Made In 60 Minutes
Computer (Terran)

File Description
A map I made a while ago in a one hour map contest. I'm pretty content with how it turned out for one hour, and it won the contest. Basically you are a hunter (Ghost) in the wilds of Mooseville, where moose run amok. Whoever kills the most moose by the end of the timer wins. There is a hunter encampment located in the middle of the map, where you start, heal and where allied computer units are sent out. It is also protected by Siege Tanks that will possibly splash you.

There are, I think, 40+ achievements which do nothing but make you feel good about yourself. There is also a boss out there in the wilds of Canada Mooseville, and a certain aspect within the map that you wouldn't normally look at holds the secret to defeating this monster. A reward goes to everyone who is at his death spot.

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[03:36 pm]
Oh_Man -- a program called mapstats I think it's on here to DL
[02:39 pm]
GGmano -- so theres a limit on total triggers on around 80k?
[02:38 pm]
GGmano -- thanks for info anyway
[02:38 pm]
GGmano -- how did you found that out ohh man?
[02:15 pm]
Oh_Man -- mapstats says 80k triggers
[2022-7-02. : 9:37 pm]
GGmano -- maybe its not about the size i guess since its now above 6000 and was saved
[2022-7-02. : 9:05 pm]
GGmano -- just seems like 6000kb is an obstacle not sure
[2022-7-02. : 9:05 pm]
GGmano -- idk it could also be about the map size its like above 6k kb map wont be saved,, 6000kb of triggers no sounds im aware sounds can go beyond that size
[2022-7-02. : 8:51 pm]
GGmano -- heres link for the new release
[2022-7-02. : 8:51 pm]
GGmano -- i now released it after deleting triggers 3 times sadly
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