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Es'ir Prus v1b
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File Information
Uploaded on:Apr 10 2009, 4:02 pm
Uploaded by:Sand Wraith
Author:Not Given.

File Contents
Es'ir Prus - readme.txt
Es'ir Prus v1b.exe
Es'ir Prus v1b.mpq
File Description
Es'ir Prus project thread.
This mod requires SCBW v1.15.1.

Go to the project thread and follow a mirror to get Es'ir Prus v1bb. Mobile Rocket Platforms can't be built in v1b; this version is bugged.

Quote from "WRONG"
This mod is a little bit of a joke mod, but only in the sense of naming scheme. Other than that, it's quite fun to play! It has various GRPs from Maplantis and some cool iscript things have been done, such as the random-attack pattern for the Mobile Particle Cannon Battery, flashy looking rockets, and a custom melee attack for the Guardian (formerly the Marine)!
This is also the first mod ever to feature a GRP change I made that didn't turn to a pile of garbage. The Mass Depots and Central Commands have simplistic blends to keep up with the theme of the mod.
Your strategies will be varied, as I have tried to prevent too many hard counters from emerging. Not only that, but one can go with either a ground or an air build.

There has been a flurry of new updates! I accidentally left in the MPQ file. There is no need to keep the MPQ file, so delete it. Anyway, below is the notes for the update.
Quote from "readme"
+GRPs for CC and Mass Depot.
+Did something with the Industrial Revelation add-on.
+Removed EMP graphics from MRP, lowered splash to something balanced.
+MPA's splash DMG: minimal 100, medium-large 50, large 25.
+Applied QWE-ASD-ZXC hotkey format.
+Made RR useful.
+Increased splash range AND damage for MPCB.
+"[...]please use an .lo? file with the tank/goliath turret combo." (A_of-s_t)
+Balance tweaks.

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