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Sunken Treasure
Es'ir Prus v1
Filename: Es'ir Prus -
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Uploaded on:Mar 18 2009, 1:18 am
Uploaded by:Sand Wraith
Author:Not Given.

File Contents
Es'ir Prus - readme.txt
Es'ir Prus v1.exe
File Description
SEN thread.

I was going to try to finish this for the Winter Modding Contest (2008-'09), but I never got through with it. But, now, I have this, which is fully playable. See thread for details.

Terran AI is not gonna work. Don't even try, bastard.

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Fisty wrote on Apr 6 2009, 9:21 pm:
Just some friendly advice I learned with the release of BoB, being negative makes people not want to play your mod, however being positive about it gives people some standards and hype to live up to, try to stay in the neutral zone so you don't face either of these problems ;)

[03:09 am]
RdeRenato -- with weapon* i need a medic with grenade launcher
[03:09 am]
RdeRenato -- x2
[02:48 am]
youarenotworthy -- Is there a post somewhere that details how to get started with EUD?
[02:47 am]
youarenotworthy -- I looked at the AI ability requirements you sent me before, but I don't really understand any of it.
[02:41 am]
Roy -- Or do you mean giving the medic a weapon?
[02:37 am]
Roy -- It would be easier to just meet the AI requirements:
[02:32 am]
RdeRenato -- Is it possible to make the medic attack with EUD?
[02:22 am]
Roy -- For some reason I have the ability to check it via condition in EUDGen but not set it with an action, so I'm guessing at least some of them don't work as expected as EUD actions. Or I'm just bad and forgot to include them.
[02:18 am]
Roy -- I'm not sure if all of them work, but the offsets are 0x116 for the ensnare timer and 0x123 for whether or not the unit is blind.
[02:18 am]
Roy -- If you know the index ID of the unit, you could try setting the appropriate flags in memory with EUDs:
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