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[02:11 am]
Zoan -- Oh shit I have homework due tomorrow -_-
[02:08 am]
Zoan -- Now I needa add in triggers to show everyone's hp :O
[02:06 am]
Zoan -- for physical attacks that is
[02:05 am]
Zoan -- average damage totally goes up 1/4 for every stat of strength if ur a warrior, else it goes up 1/4 every 2 stats of strength :D
[01:41 am]
Zoan -- woot woot! Just added in randomised damage to my turn based rpg!
[01:41 am]
SCRuler -- what file controls the color of the icon frames on the "console" thing? I edited the console for the protoss to be red and "silver" but there are still icon frames that are blue.
[01:16 am]
Zoan -- I got one where the color of the boxes were the same as the color as the background 'box.' looked weird
[01:04 am]
trgk -- 33 max
[01:00 am]
Sand Wraith -- I pretty much have no perception of shade differences at about ~23-25, depending on the spectrum of the colour (easier to tell for bluer shades)
[12:40 am]
Mini Moose 2707 -- Yeah, man, who cares? Just chill and go into that shit laid back. :wob:
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