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Starcraft I: Not Given.
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The creators of the RenuBack Posture Corrector goal to offer a solution that customers can wear below their clothes to assist automatically fix their posture. This solution mechanically forces the consumer to sit up straighter, correcting negative posture behavior while not having to honestly work at it.

The harness pulls the shoulders back to wherein they ought to be and holds them in place all through the day, Renuback posture corrector relieving stress from the spine and everything else from the neck to the decrease returned.

Wearing the RenuBack harness allows to alleviate the strain-brought about pain which could arise within the lower back of the head, neck, and returned after only a few hours of slouching and terrible posture. Continuous poor posture can result in irritation, weak point, and ache, however a Renuback harness acts as a steady reminder to sit up efficiently. Over time, the consumer will experience stronger and stand taller, with a bit of luck establishing better habits in the manner.
[12:08 pm]
IlyaSnopchenko -- sraw531
sraw531 shouted: is there an "easy" (without modding/EUD) way to make flying command centers have a movement speed of ~0 when trying to fly, but can still land/lift?
Funny that it was just what I did when trying to prevent flying buildings from flying... though that was still through iscript/AICE - set the flingy speed to 0 after each liftoff (as it's reset to a hardcoded value each time the building lifts off)
[05:01 am]
Oh_Man -- This guy must have got sued by like 5 different companies. 🤣
[01:00 am]
sraw531 -- is there an "easy" (without modding/EUD) way to make flying command centers have a movement speed of ~0 when trying to fly, but can still land/lift?
[12:50 am]
sraw531 -- surprisingly easy to change all the hero marines into normal marines, and vice versa, across the map though.
[12:10 am]
sraw531 -- really hate when SCMdraft replaces deaths with " Memory(17, At least, 1);", makes it so I can't do mass replace for triggers when it changes to memory type :(
[11:02 pm]
MTiger156 -- x
[10:51 pm]
sraw531 -- and sometimes Y
[05:20 pm]
UndeadStar -- e
[04:40 pm]
lil-Inferno -- u
[2020-9-21. : 1:25 pm]
MTiger156 -- a
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