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[05:26 pm]
KrayZee -- :wob:
[05:15 pm]
Zoan -- I found out how to fix any glitch a SC map might have: throw enough death counter restrictions at it until it goes away
[04:46 pm]
SCRuler -- Does anybody know how to change the green construction overlay size?
[04:38 pm]
Zoan -- :wob:
[04:38 pm]
Mini Moose 2707 -- :wob:
[04:37 pm]
SCRuler -- no, wait I just realized what I did wrong, I accidentally put fatal instead of psi provider
[04:33 pm]
SCRuler -- I just tested using the shield battery as the pylon, and when it warped in, it automatically blew up right after it finished. Literally.
[04:31 pm]
Oh_Man -- never purchased the latest DMC due to all the bad rep i heard it had - and i never palyed the previous editions either, due to their console-onlyness
[04:31 pm]
Oh_Man -- Devil May Cry 4 was the first time i played the DMC franchise - and god damn i loved that game
[04:18 pm]
Zoan -- RoyHoly shit, it's an rpg? My god, that's awesome!
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