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[03:33 am]
Apos -- Plz do, for your own sanity
[03:32 am]
Dem0n -- Fuck. I should probably switch.
[03:30 am]
Apos -- Vim much better than emac
[03:24 am]
Dem0n -- like why would you change the most basic and universal shortcuts
[03:24 am]
Dem0n -- why is paste shift+insert instead of ctrl+v
[03:24 am]
Dem0n -- the shortcuts in emacs are literally the worst
[02:56 am]
Mini Moose 2707 -- If you master the keyboard shortcuts in vi, you apparently just become a badass who wins at everything text editing. So I hear. I've never gotten there.
[02:53 am]
trgk -- ST3 @Like
[02:41 am]
Dem0n -- fuck vim too
[02:41 am]
Dem0n -- fuck emaca
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