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You have no permission to be here. Sorry.
[01:04 pm]
Oh_Man -- Pirate Dyne link no longer works?
[12:27 pm]
Ultraviolet -- "this is not WarCraft in space... it's much more sophisticated!"
[05:29 am]
Ultraviolet -- we are not here over a common love of orcs and elves
[05:28 am]
Ultraviolet -- bad swankish bad
[05:15 am]
swankish -- is Warcraft forbidden here lol
[02:14 am]
Ultraviolet -- Enjoy your life of artism, doomed to painting unwanted murals everywhere you go
[01:29 am]
KrayZee -- I'm doomed!
[01:28 am]
KrayZee -- oh no, I guess that's true
[01:22 am]
Ultraviolet -- Even if you avoid all those other crazy things, you gotta watch out for vaccines making you artistic
[01:17 am]
KrayZee -- Yeah it is true. :P
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