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[08:38 am]
C(a)HeK -- greetings all, test 10 is complete :)
[2021-3-03. : 6:57 am]
C(a)HeK -- greetings all, test 9 is complete :)
[2021-3-02. : 9:53 am]
C(a)HeK -- greetings all, test 8 is complete - :)
[2021-3-01. : 10:06 am]
Ultraviolet -- MTiger156
MTiger156 shouted: Could try an automatic difficulty scaling based on player count. Turning down enemy HP and damage via EUD, or reducing enemy count?
not really worth it to me for a one off contest, I feel like the point of an Impossible map is to encourage team collaboration anyway
[2021-3-01. : 7:42 am]
DankBudSmoker -- nevermind i found a few people
[2021-3-01. : 7:34 am]
DankBudSmoker -- ive never seen someone with negative minerals lol
[2021-3-01. : 7:31 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- at some point the starting minerals was set to -150
[2021-3-01. : 7:03 am]
DankBudSmoker -- i demand compensation for this insult
[2021-3-01. : 7:02 am]
DankBudSmoker -- now im mad]
[2021-3-01. : 7:02 am]
DankBudSmoker -- ok ive been a member of this site for 10 years now and i have -40 minerals?
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