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[04:35 am]
KrayZee -- The more I hear the game 'Doom Eternal', I'm now thinking of 'Do Maternal'. That's what Doomguy needs. He needs his mother after he's done ripping and tearing all of the demons.
[2020-4-02. : 5:46 pm]
RdeRenato -- ty
[2020-4-02. : 5:06 pm]
Dem0n -- You have to create your account on their website, and then use those credentials to log into the server on Starcraft.
[2020-4-02. : 4:59 pm]
RdeRenato -- Even if I don't confirm it, I go in and it tells me: wrong password
[2020-4-02. : 4:59 pm]
RdeRenato -- Does anyone know how to create an account on iccup? the confirmation email never reaches me
[2020-3-31. : 4:56 pm]
RdeRenato -- If someone can help me, it will make me very happy xd
[2020-3-31. : 4:55 pm]
RdeRenato -- they are right. I don't know how to describe my level but it is difficult for two things: 1. crazy enemies 2. multiple defensive points
[2020-3-31. : 11:01 am]
Sie_Sayoka -- both because of low skill and population on west
[2020-3-31. : 11:01 am]
Sie_Sayoka -- tbh a lot of the korean maps are impossible to play with pubs
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