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Joined: Sep 8 2007, 3:04 pm
Last Active: Jul 2 2009, 7:56 pm
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E-Mail: Lewl coming soon // No spambots
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[06:05 pm]
Roy -- :roy:
[05:22 pm]
Vrael -- none of us do
[05:22 pm]
Vrael -- well I guess that's true, I don't spam in the spambox nearly as often anymore
[05:14 pm]
Oh_Man -- I just remember you talking about joining it back in the day and haven't heard you mention it recently is all I mean
[04:41 pm]
Vrael -- but also hell yes, dancing ladies are great
[04:41 pm]
Vrael -- Oh_Man
Oh_Man shouted: so thats why you were so into it back in the day... #suspicionsconfirmed
what do you mean back in the day? our next competition is december 7th I think
[04:31 pm]
lil-Inferno -- smh didn't invite us to the wedding
[04:18 pm]
Oh_Man -- so thats why you were so into it back in the day... #suspicionsconfirmed
[02:48 pm]
Vrael -- thanks fellas
[02:48 pm]
Vrael -- Oh_Man
Oh_Man shouted: how did u meet?
ballroom dancing
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