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[10:47 pm]
Corbo -- I asked myself the same last 3 rounds lmao
[10:36 pm]
lil-Inferno -- why did I bother playing boxes
[2019-12-14. : 11:39 pm]
Corbo -- I wouldn't go to say it's unbelieveable but silly it definitely is
[2019-12-14. : 11:39 pm]
Corbo -- but yes, the plot is silly
[2019-12-14. : 11:38 pm]
Corbo -- don't hate
[2019-12-14. : 11:38 pm]
Corbo -- Salazar was great
[2019-12-14. : 11:25 pm]
KrayZee -- The President of the United States only sending only 1 man equipped with a pistol to rescue his daughter? Then Leon has to deal with midget Napoleon, how can you take that seriously? :P
[2019-12-14. : 11:23 pm]
KrayZee -- The plot in Resident Evil 4? It's just too silly.
[2019-12-14. : 11:07 pm]
Corbo -- You don't find that believeable?
[2019-12-14. : 7:38 pm]
Wing Zero -- I played 6 for a bit but wasn't too happy with it. Haven't played another one since then though.
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