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[02:22 pm]
Vrael -- or is that the "Bluzzard" release date
[02:22 pm]
Vrael -- wait SC3 will be out by 2098? totally was not expecting it that fast
[01:57 pm]
lil-Inferno -- Dem0n
Dem0n shouted: fuck vim too
vim is so kawaii though
[01:05 pm]
Sacrieur -- Or as Mesk likes to say, Bluzzard.
[01:05 pm]
Sacrieur -- It's so bad that you can clog up the lobby of any one particular game so no one on the server can play it. Great job, Blizzard.
[01:04 pm]
Sacrieur -- Since the maps distribution system is still bad, there's very little reason to make a map.
[01:04 pm]
Sacrieur -- I suppose another thing is a lack of interest.
[01:00 pm]
Sacrieur -- While Galaxy Edit is a big clusterfuck in terms of usability, it doesn't appear to be handicapped in functionality.
[12:59 pm]
Sacrieur -- The reason other SC editors were built was because of Staredit's limited functionality.
[12:59 pm]
Sacrieur -- There's no need.
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