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[01:02 pm]
NudeRaider -- the pear is the logo of piriform. They also make a defrag tool which Mini Moose advertised in his sig for a long time
[12:32 pm]
Oh_Man -- deep scanning now - u know this program seems familiar, that pear icon thing - i must have used this at some point in my life
[12:28 pm]
Roy -- Best of luck recovering your files! It's not a guarantee, but it's helped me once or twice in the past.
[12:26 pm]
Oh_Man -- some whole other can of worms
[12:26 pm]
Oh_Man -- but they were EUPs were they
[12:26 pm]
Oh_Man -- with making units look like other units and shit
[12:26 pm]
Oh_Man -- i just thought EPDs wee the thing bio discovered
[12:26 pm]
Oh_Man -- yeah - i did note that
[12:26 pm]
Roy -- EUDs and EPDs are basically the same thing, just overflowing a different field in the trigger. I talk about it in the first section of the EUD tutorial.
[12:25 pm]
Roy -- EUPs == Extended Unit Placements.
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