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[11:42 pm]
Vrael -- good to hear
[10:17 pm]
KrayZee -- I believe I'm asymptomatic. I only experienced a sore throat and I just drank hot chocolate and it went away.
[04:48 pm]
Vrael -- how u doin krayzee?
[10:49 am]
KrayZee -- I tested positive last month.
[2020-11-23. : 11:19 pm]
Vrael -- only downside is occasionally I travel for work, so in a week I'll be venturing out into the COVID-ridden world
[2020-11-23. : 11:18 pm]
Vrael -- mostly same for me, I was full time telecommute before COVID hit so nothing changed :D
[2020-11-23. : 9:46 pm]
jjf28 -- ya, covid only a mild inconvenience for me; urges to do things I can't have largely subsided
[2020-11-23. : 9:19 pm]
Centreri -- As a software engineer, I got really lucky with coronavirus. Smooth transition to remote work, not too much pressure, time to game
[2020-11-23. : 9:18 pm]
Centreri -- I've started playing SCII with my brother recently again! Quite a lot, I'm not very good. custom maps in SCII are so bad though
[2020-11-23. : 7:51 pm]
Vrael -- actually played some starcraft this weekend without feeling like I needed to be working, was a good feeling
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