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[04:53 pm]
martosss -- Thanks, Ultraviolet, I was thinking about that, I am considering even the option of giving observers a chance to play, althogh that would require a bit more triggers to be added
[04:43 pm]
Ultraviolet -- martosss
martosss shouted: If you can give me a solution that would fill P1 I'd appreciate it :)
Best thing I can think of which isn't super elegant, but would probably work is to combine Force 1 and Force 2 and give it a title like "Player & Observers" or something like that
[03:06 pm]
RexyRex -- ya ya ya ya me u
[02:39 pm]
Wing Zero -- :wob:
[05:27 pm]
martosss -- If you can give me a solution that would fill P1 I'd appreciate it :)
[05:26 pm]
martosss -- So the game fills first the force with most open slots, then alternates ... I saw it in melee maps too - there all players are in the same force and even though the mode is top vs bottom, those 2 new forces are generic and joining players are filling the lobby from top to bottom because it's the same force. I've seen other maps where they Alternate and I assume that's because there the map had 2 forces
[05:25 pm]
martosss -- oops, can't write new lines .. oh well ... force1 : P1, force 2: P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7 ... force 3: CPU P8 and P2-6 gets filled first
[05:24 pm]
martosss -- no, jjf, my current setup is force1
[2020-8-14. : 4:00 pm]
jjf28 -- I believe slots fill according to ascending player number, so if the observer is player 1, they'll land in that slot first, if the observer was player 8, they'll land in that slot last
[2020-8-14. : 2:57 pm]
martosss -- Hey folks, a quick question ... when people enter a map lobby, can you force them to go in a particular force first? I have a map where there is 1 player, 6 spectators and 1 computer. The players always enter and go to the observer section first. I want them to first go to the player slot if it's free. Is that possible?
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