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[06:06 pm]
Generalpie -- Ah.
[03:03 pm]
jjf28 -- both
[03:01 pm]
GGmano -- Is there a forum for All players to chat at same time or You just send private messages?
[02:45 pm]
jjf28 -- ya
[08:59 am]
Corbo -- cause we mainly use discord now
[08:14 am]
Generalpie -- Why doesn't the shoutbox get used as much as it used to anyways?
[08:13 am]
Generalpie -- rekt
[07:59 am]
TF- -- 👊
[02:05 am]
KrayZee -- Vrael
Vrael shouted: depends on what we're talking, 2012 dark knight rises obviously Anne Hathaway/selina kyle, but if we're going 90's The Animated Series Talia all the way
I'm talking about the one you're married to, is it Hathaway or Pfeiffer catwoman?
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