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[04:38 am]
RIVE -- "What was that?!? That was hot!"
[04:37 am]
RIVE -- I still remember the commercials for songs playing when you called someone
[03:05 am]
Andrea Rosa -- :wob:
[2022-12-06. : 4:14 am]
Zycorax -- wtf, never remember seeing anything like that here.
[2022-12-06. : 4:10 am]
Fire_Kame -- the service to play a song for incoming calls was like 9 bucks a monnth
[2022-12-06. : 3:12 am]
Ultraviolet -- to be fair, there are worse things to spend a dollar on
[2022-12-06. : 12:44 am]
Fire_Kame -- remember those songs that would play for the people calling you, to think we wasted money on that
[2022-12-06. : 12:20 am]
Fire_Kame -- Andrea Rosa
Andrea Rosa shouted: Born too late to own property... Born too soon to be a TikTok star... Born just in time to have paid $0.99 for a ringtone.
[2022-12-05. : 5:41 pm]
Vrael -- buh-GOK
[2022-12-05. : 5:25 pm]
Andrea Rosa -- At least I have chicken.
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