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Exactly How Carried Out Damwon Gaming Dominate The 2020 World Championship

DAMWON Gaming entered the League of Legends World Championship as League Champions Korea's (LCK's) first seed. DAMWON gaming: who are they? DAMWON Gaming brings the Summoner's Cup back to the LCK in dominating fashion. There are many questions when teams finish the World Championship with three wins. What is it that has made them so successful What is their record? How do they compare to previous champions?
It is evident that this team's macro and fundamentals are unbeatable. Yes, this team can physically outdo any opponent. Canyon and Beryl were among the top performers on the team and outclassed the rest of the world. DAMWON's dominance, however, is based on their versatility, particularly Nuguri and Showmaker.

The Performances of the Summer Season of DAMWON Team

DAMWON gaming: who are they?DAMWON gaming: who are they? DAMWON Gaming, a Korean esports company. In the summer the mid-laner of DAMWON led all LCK mid-level players by taking part in 71 percent of team kills. He was third among mid laners in World Championship participation, with 59% of the kills. In the summer, DAMWON relied on Showmaker to move around the map with Canyon to gain early advantages. When you plan for special info about DAMWON Gaming, navigate to this website.

World Championship Performance of the DAMWON Team

In the World Championship, DAMWON asked Showmaker to anchor the mid lane more often in the event that Beryl and Canyon changed the map. However, this change does not mean that Showmaker has regressed and DAMWON has changed their normal game style of play.

This flexibility was clearly demonstrated in the semifinals against G2. Showmaker's Twisted Fate walked the map during games one and four. Game three saw Showmaker's Syndra stay in the lane and then press Caps to keep him from damaging the map.

His World Championship champion picks are an indication of Nuguri's versatility in comparison to the summer. Jayce, Camille and Renekton were among Nuguri's top champions during the summer. The team used the initial priority he acquired through these aggressive selections to stop the top laners.

Nuguri's top players in the World Championship shifted to more accommodating and teamfight selections like Ornn, Kennen, and Lulu. These selections allowed Canyon and Ghost to lead early fights as well as late fights.

Again, this shift shouldn't be interpreted as it's a regression. Nuguri maintained the highest KDA EXP differential, KDA and 10 minute time interval among the top losers in the tournament. Also, he had the second highest damage per minute, which was just ahead of Suning's Bin.

The ability of DAMWON to play both strong and weak areas of the map can make DAMWON virtually impossible to draft against and even more difficult to beat. This is evident in DAMWON's combined 49-8 record during the LCK summer and at the world championship.

How has the team performed in comparison to the previous champions of the world? Analysts agree that 2014 Samsung White and 2015 SK Telecom had the two most successful performances in the history of the World Championship.

First, when comparing DAMWON's match record, the 2020 champions fall behind the two teams mentioned as Samsung White only lost two games, while 2015 SK Telecom only lost one. DAMWON is also lower than the two other teams in overall KDA. DaMWON's gold differential of 1,590 at 15 minute falls short of Samsung White's astonishing 3125 gold differential.

The objective control of DAMWON is among the most impressive of all time according to other figures such as baron control rates and first tower rate. In all honesty Samsung White's 2014 performance is undoubtedly the best team in history. Samsung White's run in 2014 was unlike any other team.

What is the World Championship's DAMWON place?

However, DAMWON was the second-best game World Championship team. DAMWON is the most successful team in nearly every statistic, even though SK Telecom lost only one game. If you look at the quality of competition, DAMWON generally had a better record because JGD, DRX, and G2 were all better teams than the 2015 EDward Gaming, ahq, Origen.

In retrospect at the time, the most powerful team SK Telecom played in that tournament was ROX tigers. The DAMWON Gaming run is only second to the 2014 Samsung White when you take all that into consideration, even the summer split.
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IlyaSnopchenko -- It doesn't have anything to do with the type of monitor, provided the monitor is a good one
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IlyaSnopchenko -- 1.16 does look better than SD in SCR because of the way the latter smoothes (=muddles) the graphics
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